On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless", rumors indicate that there will be a lot of turmoil in Genoa City. Misinterpretation, jealousy, and betrayal will lead to a lot of hurt feelings. Kevin will be so enraged with his older sibling that he punches him in the face. This comes after he finds out that Michael had Rey arrest Chloe. Adam and Chelsea will see Nick and Sharon in an embrace and later the two women will argue over the Newman brothers. All of this confusion and emotions on edge is leading up to the judge making a final decision on who obtains permanent full custody of Christian.

Victor will warn DA Baldwin that he better be on the right side so things are getting pretty tense.

Michael will stun his brother

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that on Friday, Michael Baldwin will have Rey Rosales arrest Chloe. This will so upset Kevin that he will punch the new DA in the face. It appears Kevin is stunned by this action but Soap Dirt suggests that perhaps the Baldwin/Fisher brothers are working together. It could be that everything that takes place is part of their plan. The rumor notes that Lauren is becoming troubled because most everyone in Genoa City has been threatening her spouse. The "Y&R" rumors say that even Victor will issue a veiled threat by telling Michael he better be on the right side, where the custody case is concerned.

Michael vowed to everything he could to keep Kevin and Chloe safe out of Adam's clutches, even dropping Nick as a client and working for his sibling. CDL has revealed that Nick will indeed win the custody battle and Judge Sanders sends Christian home with him. This will no doubt infuriate Adam and there is no telling how he will attempt to retaliate.

"Y&R" rumors do not indicate whether or not Adam gets visitation with his child.

Chelsea and Sharon get real with each other

Soap Dirt indicates that Chelsea and Sharon will finally be truthful with each other where Nick and Adam are concerned. There will first be a misunderstanding, where Chelsea and Adam see Sharon and Nick embracing each other.

It's totally innocent but they don't know this. "Y&R" rumors say later, at Crimson Lights, Chelsea will rip into Sharon and let her know that she and Nick were spotted.

The two women argue and Chelsea points out that Sharon has feelings she is not ready to admit. Adam had tried to reunite with Chelsea, but she turned him down. He next proposed to Sharon in a desperate attempt to have a wife before the custody hearing. Sharon also said no, so at this point, it's not clear which woman he truly loves. Be on the lookout for updated rumors and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.