"The Young and the Restless" has a decades-long history of Jack Abbott and Victor Newman doing dastardly things to each other. The men took off their boxing gloves after Neil Winters memorial service and had a drink together. Since then, Victor has been dealing with a medical crisis and has taken time off for trying to one-up his nemesis. On Friday, the Newman enterprises founder reached out to the CEO of Jabot Cosmetics when his health took a turn for the worse. Jack helped Victor to safety and called for Dr. Nate. The episode ended with Nikki's husband thanking the man he has tried to take down so many times and he even reached out and shook his hand.

'Y&R' brings a truce to Newman Abbott battle

"The Young and the Restless" has scored high ratings over the years by continuing the ongoing battle between the heads of the Newman and Abbott families. A cease-fire began, however, after the death of Neil Winters. Jack has noticed that his nemesis has been acting strangely and even inquired of Billy as to what was going on. During a talk with Nikki, she revealed that her husband was not in the best of health. Jack replied that he often wanted to see Victor down for the count, but wants him to stick around for a long time.

Nate has Victor on an experimental treatment for his rare blood disorder and the Newman patriarch is experiencing side effects.

His memory has been lapsing and on Friday he had physical symptoms. The "mustache" was trying to get into his car when he seemed about to faint. He made a phone call asking for help and "Y&R" viewers were probably stunned when Jack answered the SOS. He helped the Newman patriarch to his office, where he called Nate.

Victor leans on Jack

As the two men waited, Victor said he was having side effects from medication. Jack never let on that he was aware of his sparring partner's true condition. He instead spoke about being over age 50 and taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol being par for the course. When Nate arrived, Jack excused himself and Dr.

Hastings pointed out that his patient's body was not responding quite the way he had hoped. Victor made a fist and hit at the air as he does when he is boxing. He told his personal physician that he had been fighting all his life and he would win this battle too. It looks like "The Young and the Restless" is going in a different direction with the two most powerful men in Genoa City.

For now, at least, Jack and Victor have put down their battle gear. The Newman patriarch is realizing he is as vulnerable as anyone else and the Jabot CEO is seeing that his new frenemy is not made of stone and is able to ask for help when he needs it. It's not known why Victor reached out to Jack but for a while at least the two men will not be at each others throats. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1;30 PM EST.