Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb understand that the “Today” show is not just a pioneer morning broadcast — it is a family. This morning, August 2, Jenna Bush Hager opened the broadcast alongside Willie Geist from a comfortable La-Z-Boy. The added gesture of comfort for the expectant mom was granted in respect of the fact that this morning marked Hager's last day on the “Today” fourth hour, until she returns at a later date “with a baby boy in tow,” as she declared.

Willie Geist and the “Today” crew had fun with all the goodies that have been stuffed into the wine glass of Jenna Bush Hager over the months since her April pregnancy announcement.

Everything from pickles, to churros to tissue paper and everything in between has been and the goblet. Hager and Geist both recalled the day that shrimp cocktail was offered, that had the pungent odor of “two or three-day-old shrimp cocktail” as Jenna described. The dish had to be removed to prevent some genuine morning sickness for Jenna.

Today, the Texan host had her favorite snack, chips, and queso, waiting for her. The past few days have been filled with all the mommy love that “Today” fans’ hearts could hold between Hager and Hoda Kotb, as chronicled on their segment. The two new moms (again) have not appeared together on the air since April, but the bond they share in motherhood and friendship seems stronger than ever.

Showers of sweet emotion

Jenna Bush Hager described being “overcome with gratitude,” and the expansion of the Bush-Hager family, and equally thankful “to be able to do it with Hoda, to have this special moment together” in creating “our show, and then these babies” as the hosts celebrate motherhood very much together.

“Obviously, I'm a little hormonal,” confessed Hager as tissues entered once again for the week, “but it's a beautiful time in my life and it's a beautiful time in Hoda’s life.”

Jenna and Hoda celebrated a joyful moment, very much together this week, at Jenna’s baby shower, where the soon-to-be mother to a son was given a coveted baby stroller, and better than that, big hugs from Hoda.

Kotb has “the joy of motherhood all over her,” according to Hager, and the tears of joy between the two were utterly genuine.

Jenna saved a note from Hoda to read on the air, and the simple, heartfelt words set it all. “Jenna, you represent everything I love,” wrote Kotb, adding that her friends were lucky, and her children “luckier.” The note further praised that “three good people” had come into the world, thanks to Hager and her husband, “Hank.” “Maybe they will change the world,” Kotb’s note closed.

Tissues descended right on cue from above.

Not a second wasted

Hoda Kotb popped into “Today” this morning to talk about the joys of being a mom to sibling sisters and share her new book, “I Needed This Today.” She also took time to lend motherly support to Jenna Bush Hager.

“I hope you have the best maternity leave,” Kotb gushed in a video segment. “I hope you treasure every single second of it,” gushed the co-anchor.

Kotb is absolutely glowing, even with no makeup, in describing how she and Haley Joy and baby Hope Catherine have a “great adventure” going to the grocery store, having dance parties waiting for the elevator, and speaking soft lullabies of love at bedtime.

The growing years of childhood go by so quickly, and it's no wonder that Hoda’s last word to Jenna Bush Hager was: “you live in this moment.” The moments missed in any childhood can never be captured again, and the “Today” mothers are wise to realize that truth.

It may be a while before “Hoda & Jenna” sit side-by-side again, but their hearts and their happy lives have a forever connection.