In next episodes of ''Days Of Our Lives,'' Ted dies at the hand of Kristen DiMera. According to the latest news of ''DOOL'' published in 'Celeb Dirty Laundry and Daily Soap Dish, the last episode in which Gilles Marini will play will be that of August 6, 2019. The last scenes will see Ted confront Kristen DiMera. In previous episodes, Kate and Ted unjustly accused Stefan of kidnapping, fearing to involve the dangerous Kristen. The clash between Ted, Tony and Kristen will end very badly. It seems that Ted will be killed and that Kristen manages to put the blame on Stefan.

In this way, the control of DiMera Enterprises will be closer and closer. Meanwhile, new details will emerge about the real Nicole: is she alive?

'Days of Our Lives': Ted killed by Kristen DiMera

The latest "Days Of Our Lives" rumors tell us that Ted's exit from the scene will be terrible. The clash with Kristen and Tony will take a dangerous turn. Kristen will kill Ted mercilessly. Hope, aware of Ted's death, will be devastated. Fans wonder what decisions the girl will make. Kristen, after committing the terrible murder, will think of a solution to prove her innocence and will be able to blame Stefan.

Nicole return in 'Days Of Our Lives'?

Another storyline that deserves attention is the one about Nicole DiMera.

Right now, Kristen is deceiving everyone by pretending to be Nicole. The woman has a mask that perfectly reflects her face, but the tension is being felt. In fact, in recent times, DiMera seems to have lost some control of the situation, making mistakes and distractions that could cost her dearly. Fans of ''Days Of Our Lives'' wonder what happened to the real Nicole.

According to the latest rumors of Celeb Dirty Laundry, Nicole could be alive.

Actress Arianne Zucker, who lends her face to the character, is shooting scenes from the soap opera, as she seems to have a contract with ''DOOL''. Also, Kristen won't be able to fool everyone for a long time to come. Nicole's possible return is more and more likely.

Nicole, who survived the explosion, may have hidden in a secret place and lost her memory, as happened to Jack and Will. Surely, if Nicole returns to the city, she will have to give many answers and explain how she survived. It will be interesting to find out how this storyline evolves. In addition, Nicole will be shocked to learn of Holly's death.

Did Holly and Nicole get together?

Some ''Days Of Our Lives'' rumors speculate on Nicole's disappearance and Holly's death might intertwine. Mother and daughter may have met with the complicity of someone far from the city. Even in this case, it is not excluded that Kristen DiMera has contributed to help complicate the situation. The plot becomes intriguing, so we wait for the next ''Days Of Our Lives'' to know all the details.