In the week of September 2-6, there will be many surprises on "The Young and The Restless" on CBC. According to and Celeb Dirty Laundry, Adam will make a peace offering to Victor for Christian's sake. However, Victor will have no intention of mediating. Adam will also think about his sentimental situation and try to talk to Sharon about his marriage proposal. Other weekly rumors tell us that Billy's alternative personality will bring out his darker side, what will happen?

On 'The Young and the Restless,' Victor and Adam have a confrontation

''The Young and The Restless" episodes, for the week of September 2, will give an important shake to the storylines of the soap opera broadcast for CBS. Adam will have to face some important changes that affect the custody of Christian. Adam loves his son but, unexpectedly, has abandoned his custody. Adam Newman has preferred to give up the blow, rather than make Christian suffer too much stress for this long legal battle. This week, Victor and Adam will have a meeting where they will talk at length about Christian's issue and future. Although he no longer has custody, Adam will want to be able to see his son and spend time with him.

Despite his good intentions, Victor will not agree to an agreement with Adam, rejecting his peace offer.

Sharon wants to expel Adam

Other weekly rumors say that Adam won't stop complicating things, making various intrigues that will put him even more in trouble. Adam will think about his sentimental situation. He will ask Sharon for a meeting in which he will talk to her about his marriage proposal.

Will you have changed your mind about this? According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sharon doesn't seem to change her mind. She wants to stay as far away from Adam as possible, even though it is not an easy purpose to maintain.

Billy's alternative personality takes over

The latest "The Young and the Restless" rumors tease that Phyllis, after reflecting, will return to the Grand Phoenix pact.

That's what she cares about the most, and she can't give it up. Phyllis will have to solve some problems, but in the end, she will manage to get away with it.

Mariah won't be able to take her attention away from Theo who, instead, is no more than destroying Kyle. Jack will change his attitude and have a chance to reflect. He'll realize he's alone and has an emotional life, so he'll look for a way to change his perspective.

Billy will cause concern. His alternative personality will take over and could cause Billy serious trouble. New dramas and interesting storylines are ready to amaze fans of the CBC broadcast soap opera. Stay tuned not to miss the latest ''The Young and The Restless'' rumors, news and updates.