"General Hospital" will air a rerun on Monday, because it is Labor Day, but the ABC daytime drama will more than makeup for it the following day. According to rumors from Soap Hub and Soap Dirt, Tuesday's "GH" episode will be full of action and drama. A number of people in Port Charles will be facing difficult decisions and in crisis mode. Epiphany will be the bearer of bad news that ruins someone's day, while Sonny and Olivia will be in the parental mode and will be trying to figure out how to help Dante with his mental issues. Sasha's condition will take a downturn and have her fighting for her life and Liesel Obrecht will make some desperate moves in order to save her best friend Franco.

Port Charles residents have reason to worry

Once the holiday is over things will get back to normal on Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" Sonny and Olivia will work together to try to find a way to help their son. Unlike Lulu who signed the divorce papers, the former detective's mom and dad don't have the option of just giving up. They both believe there is something that can be done to get through to Dante and restore his sanity and eventually bring him back to Port Charles.

Epiphany will be giving someone in Port Charles some unwelcome information. Rumors say it could be Sasha or one of her loved ones, as Mrs. Gilmore is fighting for her life. The bad news could be related to the nurse herself or Bobbie Spencer as they both are dealing with Diabetes.

No details have been given so viewers will have to watch the episode and see where it goes.

Chaos on 'General Hospital'

Liesel slapped Franco earlier this week on "General Hospital," and told him to snap out of it. She is having a hard time believing that he believes he is Drew and does not remember their friendship. Rumors say on Tuesday Obrecht will do something outrageous in order to help her best friend regain his own memories.

Earlier spoiler alerts and rumors suggested that Dr. O might kidnap Elizabeth's husband's but nothing definite has been revealed about her plans. Knowing Liesel, she will probably do something over the top that shocks everyone in Port Charles.

Sasha's condition will get worse on Tuesday and she will hover near death. Finn knows that she has the Avian flu but it was not diagnosed in time so no one knows if she will survive.

It's possible that she could make a death bed confession regarding her not being Nina's real daughter. Meanwhile, Valentin, Curtis, Sonny, and the GCPD are all looking for the woman who is responsible for her condition. Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST on ABC to find out what happens in Genoa City with Epiphany, Sasha, Sony, Olivia, and Obrecht.