Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Alex Sanchez was asking Ridge and Brooke about the role Thomas may have played in Emma's accident. Now the detective has been sidelined and is trying to find out how Hope's husband ended up at the bottom of a cliff. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that this coming week, both Ridge and Dollar Bill will conduct investigations of their own, and the dressmaker will be outraged by what he finds out. Until now, Ridge has been defending his son and accusing everyone of trying to railroad him. When confronted with the absolute truth, he might be the one to turn his son in to the authorities.

Bill and Ridge investigate Emma's death

Thomas going over the cliff temporarily shut down Detective Sanchez investigating what happened to Justin's niece, but CDL indicates that in the coming week, Ridge and Dollar Bill will launch their own investigations. Bill wants to know the truth about Emma so he will have one more reason to go after Taylor's son. He is already angry that Beth was kept away from Liam and Hope for so long. On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thomas woke up and Alex Sanchez asked him how he went over the cliff.

Ridge, Brooke, Liam, and Hope were all tight-lipped and would only say that Thomas fell. Depending on the answer he gives, this investigation could be over.

Soap Dirt indicates that this coming week on "B&B," Taylor's son will wake up remorseful and say that his fall was an accident. If he does, the spotlight will once again be on him sending Emma to her death. Is it possible he will confess to what he did to Justin's niece?

The truth about Thomas must come out

"B&B" rumors from Soap Dirt says Dollar Bill is eager for revenge so he will do all he can to see that Thomas pays for Emma's accident.

Ridge has heard the ramblings of Xoe, Xander, and Flo. He wants to know for himself what his son has been up to. The three former Forrester employees all said Thomas threatened them and Xander has video footage of Taylor's son leaving Forrester Creations right after Emma. The GPS on his vehicle also puts him at the scene of the accident.

Even so, the Forrester heir may not pay for his crimes.

Earlier "B&B" rumors suggested Thomas might have a brain tumor, which would absolve him of responsibility for his recent evil actions. If this were true, then Taylor's son would not be remorseful until after the tumor was removed. Detective Sanchez, Dollar Bill, and Ridge are all on the case and the evidence should bring them all to the same conclusion, but on daytime television, one never knows. There could always be a twist to this storyline that no one saw coming, so stay tuned.