Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful", Ridge and Brooke continue to interrogate Flo, Shauna, and Zoe. Steffy arrived home with Kelly and was surprised to have company. She was confused about why Hope wasn't on her honeymoon with Thomas. Brooke speaks with Hope, warns her that it might not be as easy as she thinks to walk out of Steffy's house without Beth.

Steffy senses that something is wrong

When Steffy arrives home, she puts Kelly in her room. She finds it strange that Hope is not on her honeymoon with Thomas and that Liam had run out earlier on to speak to Flo.

She was agitated at the fact that Hope was holding her so much, and her maternal instincts kicked in, letting her know that something was wrong.

Not wanting to upset Steffy any further, Hope is calm about respecting her wishes.

Liam explains Flo's lie

Liam explains that he spoke to Flo and she could only confirm his findings. They went through her documents and the information that she gave only led up to a dead end. Steffy was alarmed and felt the need to call Carter, in case she needed to prepare for a lawsuit, but Liam had more information for her. He and Hope walked her through the scenario of "the child" who was stolen from her mother and sold to her.

Steffy denied that her mother would ever get herself involved in any type of fraud, and Hope agreed.

She mentioned that her mother and Dr. Buckingham never got past the flirtation stage. Furthermore, Liam told her that he had a huge gambling debt that he needed to pay as soon as possible, and so he used Flo to pose as the birth mother of the stolen baby. She is also said that Zoe, Shauna, Xander, and Thomas had all known about it.

Thomas is exposed

Back at Forrester, Brooke and Ridge try to drag out more details from Flo, Shauna, and Zoe. "We both knew that we were wrong," they said. Much to Ridge's surprise, they also said that Thomas also found out, and was threatening their lives if they ever spoke a word to Hope. Ridge denied that his son would ever do such a thing, however, Brooke reminds him that Thomas has a dark past.

Brooke was satisfied that Hope's nightmare has just ended.

"My daughter's nightmare is just beginning," said Ridge.

Hope reveals to Steffy that Phoebe is Beth

Shock and sick to her stomach, Steffy wonders about the identity of Phoebe's birth mother. Liam tried to get Steffy to calm down and delay the phone calls for later. Hope sits down and commended her on being a wonderful adoptive mother. She then recalled the night that she gave birth at the hospital on Catalina island. She revealed that Dr. Buckingham put the other woman's dead baby in her arms. "At this point, you know my daughter better than I do. Steffy, this is Beth," she said.

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