Tuesday (August 6) on "The Bold and The Beautiful" Hope had butterflies in her stomach as she was reintroduced to the little girl she thought she had lost. After months of agony, her pain was relieved after she found out the truth about her daughter being alive.

On that faithful night in Catalina island when she passed out while giving birth, Dr. Reese Buckingham switched the beloved baby with another that was stillborn. Although baby Beth was safe and sound in Steffy's care as "baby Phoebe" many "The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers demanded that Hope get her baby back as soon as possible.

The truth is finally out

After digging around and finding no record of Flo ever giving birth, Liam really began to ask questions. It would all make sense to him when Douglas (played by Henry Joseph Samiri) exposed the truth to him that his father Thomas, (played by Matthew Atkinson) tried desperately to keep from Hope. Steffy could barely believe her ears when Liam told her that he believed that Douglas was right when he told him that Phoebe is Beth.

In the final confrontation between Liam and Thomas at Forrester, the two men battled it out with fists and punches. It was when Hope pleaded with him to tell her the truth while Liam held him in a headlock, she realized that everything Liam had told her was right.

Thomas ran off but at that point, it didn't matter. Liam and Hope celebrate that their baby Beth is alive.

A family reunited

In their joy, Liam took Hope over to Steffy's to see their baby. Steffy wasn't home, so he dismissed Steffy's babysitter to give them some alone time. Hope was overwhelmed with joy and emotion, and she could barely hold back her tears as she was reunited with her the daughter who had been her in heart for several months.

Liam offered to bring baby Beth to her.

Beth already knew who her parents were

The irony of the entire storyline was that baby Beth already knew who her parents were. The only adults who knew were Reese, Flo, Zoe, Xander, Emma and then Thomas. None of them chose to tell the truth except for Emma, who lost her life in a tragic car accident that Thomas played a role in.

To everyone's surprise at Hope and Thomas' wedding, baby Beth reached out to Hope calling her 'mama'.

This is what Hope always wanted

Despite everything they had been through, Liam always remained as the love of Hope's life. After what seemed like the Universe opening the door for them to live their lives together, thanks to Steffy backing down, their family was torn apart and crumbled as the truth was kept from them for so long. She always had an intense connection with Phoebe, and she was finally able to discover the reason why. Is Hope's life finally coming together the way she wanted?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS.