"The Young and the Restless" is cranking up the dysfunction within the Newman family regarding custody of Christian. Both Nick and his brother have been behaving like children and things are about to get worse. Adam goaded Nicholas at Chancellor Park and now will file charges against his older sibling for punching him in the face, Sharon gave Rey her statement that she was a witness. Meanwhile, Victor is going to make a move that will through his younger son off track. The dynamic between this father and his sons will continue to shift and Adam will feel as if the world is against him.

All three are making moves that will cause problems with the custody case.

Adam continues to manipulate Nick

Earlier this week, Adam spent time with his son in a supervised visit at Chancellor Park. Instead of using the time to get to know the child better, he did something he knew would raise his brother's ire. Victor's namesake decided to tell the child that he was his biological father. When Nick found out an argument ensued and Nicholas hit his sibling in the face, Later, Rey took a statement from Adam, and Sharon backed his story up. Now, "Y&R" rumors from Soap Hub reveal that the prodigal Newman will use this information in court to give him leverage in order to gain custody of Christian.

Nick knows that his brother is not going to change and pushes his buttons on purpose., Unfortunately, he falls for the manipulation each and every time. "Y&R" rumors say the fight between the siblings may affect how the custody case turns out. The only salvation for Nicholas might be his father, who Soap Dirt says is going to use his influence in favor of his older son and against his youngest.

Victor betrays Adam for Nick

It was not a smart move for the bad boy Newman to blurt out to Christian that he is is his biological father. Now his own dad will use those words against him. Soap Dirt indicates that Victor will yield his power and influence to make sure his namesake does not have more visits with Christian. This will really cause Adam to feel backed into a corner and begin fighting like a caged animal.

"The Young and the Restless" has only recently begun healing the rift between the Newman patriarch and Nick. Now it seems the writers are trying to destroy what little bond Adam has with his dad.

So far, there have been no clues as to which way the custody hearing will go, so don't read too much into recent Genoa City events. No matter how it is looking at this time, the tables could always turn. Soap Dirt and Soap Hub both promise updated rumors on the dysfunction between the Newman men, when information becomes available, Be sure you don't miss any upcoming episodes of "The Young and the Restless" by tuning in weekday afternoons on CNS at 12:30 PM EST.