Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Steffy is expected to return home from her previous appointment. The last time she saw Liam, he was utterly convinced that baby "Phoebe" was actually baby "Beth," She was a bit shaken by his claims and confused about why Douglas would tell him such a thing. Nonetheless, she tried to be empathetic with her ex-husband, who was still grieving the death of his child, along with Hope.

Steffy's decision to adopt a baby

After making the decision to be strong, for the sake of her firstborn daughter Kelly, Steffy dealt with the loss of Liam after she encouraged him to marry Hope when she caught them kissing at Forrester.

She wanted to take her life in her own hands and not allow Liam to continue with his indecisiveness. She desired to give up the lifelong battle she has had with Hope. She declared that she didn't need a man in her life to be happy, and fans eagerly speculated that a new and handsome beau would arrive on the show to sweep her off her feet, but she has remained single ever since. Steffy has dedicated her life to being a mom.

When Hope was almost ready to give birth, Steffy talked to her mom about adopting a sibling for Kelly. She remembered having a great childhood with her deceased twin sister Phoebe, and she wanted to give Kelly the same experience.

How Phoebe came into her life

In her excitement for Steffy, Taylor expressed to Dr.

Reese Buckingham, who was in Los Angeles at the time, that she "would pay just about anything" to give her grandaughter a sister. Dr. Buckingham, who had a big a gambling debt, feared for his daughter's life. He didn't seem to know how, on earth, he would come up with the $200,000 that he owed, but an opportunity presented itself on that stormy night when Hope gave birth to baby Beth on Catalina Island.

Dr. Buckingham was alone at the hospital with another woman who gave birth to a stillborn baby. When Hope came in, she was distraught that Liam hadn't arrived yet to be with her. During labor, she passed out and Dr. Buckingham took her baby home to his apartment and gave Hope the other woman's dead baby. Hope was devastated.

Back at his apartment, he told Taylor that he had a baby up for adoption and he asked his friend Flo to pose as the birth mother. Taylor trusted him and gladly paid him his asking price of $250,000 for the baby, whom Steffy would adopt. He gave Flo $50,000.

Steffy's love for her daughters

Steffy immediately fell in love with baby "Phoebe" and brought her home. Hope, who was distraught and traumatized from her own loss, couldn't stay away from Phoebe. She was drawn to her, and she finally understands why. Steffy took great care of and loves her daughters very much.

The impending heartbreak

Liam and Hope have gone to her home to celebrate the fact that baby Beth is alive. When the news about Dr. Buckingham and Flo's lies reaches Steffy, her world might crumble.

Her heart will be torn and shred to pieces when the entire truth is out and what seemed like her very own fairytale, would now turn into her own nightmare.

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