On Tuesday's episode (August 6) of "The Bold and The Beautiful", after finding out the truth about Beth, Liam and Hope went over to Steffy's to see her. It must have been a surreal moment for Hope to find out that the little girl whom she had been feeling so connected and drawn to, was the one to whom she had given birth. Steffy wasn't home when they arrived, so Liam asked the kids' babysitter to leave them to be alone. A family was finally reunited, thanks to a brave little boy named Douglas Forrester.

A joyous moment

With baby Beth in her arms, Hope was overflowing with so much joy.

For all this time, she believed that her little girl had died. There was a hole in her heart since that night on Catalina Island, and she had been grieving ever since. She tried to pick up the pieces and move on with her life by insisting that Liam leave her to be with Steffy and the girls, and by marrying Thomas to be a mother to Douglas.

No word to Steffy

As far as Steffy knows, she is "Phoebe's" mother and the only one that she'll ever know. Liam and Hope have had the luxury of being able to go directly to their daughter and reunite with her without having to explain the travesty of lies and secrets surrounding her real identity. Should they have contacted Steffy with the truth and the proof to back it up first before claiming Beth as theirs at her own house?

How will Steffy respond?

Before Liam ran off to find Hope to tell her the truth, he explained to Steffy what Douglas told him about Phoebe being Beth and that it all made sense to him after discovering that Flo had never given birth. In denial, Steffy countered that there had to be a reasonable explanation. She tried to get a hold of Thomas to explain why Douglas would say something like that, but he hung up on her without giving her any real answers.

Steffy might now have a chance to fight back --the evidence and confirmation from Flo herself, Zoe, Shauna and perhaps Thomas will painfully rip her illegally adopted child from her care. Flo was initially afraid of how Wyatt, Liam, and the Logans would respond when they found out the truth, but she hasn't thought about Steffy.

She has every reason to unleash her rage at her as well. Will she blame her mother Taylor for the dilemma?

Steffy's impending loss and heartbreak

Steffy will be heartbroken when she realizes that she must give up Beth to Hope. She will experience the pain of a parent losing a child, and it will be devastating. When Hope thought she had lost her baby, Steffy tried to show compassion and understanding, despite her fixation on "Phoebe". Will Hope extend the same grace to Steffy when it's time for her to hand Beth over? How will Steffy cope and deal with her loss?

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