“The Bold and the Beautiful” gave fans a tearjerker moment on Wednesday that was well worth the wait. Liam held Phoebe in his arms for the first time after realizing she is Beth, his daughter with Hope that they believed had died. A stunned Steffy looked on as if she thought Liam had lost his mind. Nothing she can say will change his mind, especially after the little girl said “Da Da” and her father broke down in tears as he responded, “Yes I’m your daddy.” Head writer Brad Bell had said the baby switch storyline won’t conclude until November Sweeps, but fans won’t mind because on Wednesday they received the biggest break in this saga when both father and daughter recognized each other.

'B&B' can’t go back

On Friday and again on Monday, Douglas defied his father’s warning to remain silent and told Liam that Beth is really Phoebe. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” Liam was telling Steffy what her nephew said when his s phone rang. It was the doctor from the hospital where Flo said she had given birth. The OBGYN explained that there is no record of Flo ever being a patient and added that she was out of the country when the baby was supposed to have been born: When told her signature is on the birth certificate the physician said it was a forgery.

Liam began by telling Steffy this confirms his hearing Flo say she never gave birth. He says out loud that Douglas was correct and Phoebe is Beth.

He runs to the nursery, picks the little girl up and holds her tight. This is the moment “B&B” viewers have been longing for. Liam hugs the child, as the tears fall, and proclaims to Steffy that this is his Beth. As if to confirm the truth of it all, the baby says “Da da” Steffy states in wide-eyed wonder as Liam proclaims to his daughter that, yes, he is her daddy.

He knows the truth in his heart and there is no going back at this point.

Liam will face hurdles on 'B&B'

As Liam is having his epiphany, Flo is at the Forrester mansion telling Shauna that she cannot keep Hope’s baby from her any longer and is prepared to face the consequences of her decision. Whatever she decides, Liam and Hope will face life-altering hurdles as this tale unravels.

Thomas is responsible for Emma’s death and ran Xander out of town. He is not going to give up his new bride after all he has done to get her to the alter. “B&B” rumors teased that Thomas was going to drug Hope and Liam will fight him in order to rescue her.

Anything is possible at this point so viewers need to buckle their seatbelts. There are a lot of dots that need to be connected before everything can be confirmed but Liam knows in his heart he has found his daughter. Be on the lookout for updates and continue watching “The Bold and the Beautiful” each weekday afternoon on CBS. Enjoy the action in Genoa City by tuning in at 12:30 PM EST.