'RHOA' fans know that Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley, her baby daddy and fiance, split up in June. People noted it came not long after the birth of their baby girl, Pilar. However, Radar Online later reported in August, they made up again, and on August 15, Porsha told Dish Nation, they're keen to try for another baby. Meanwhile, Porsha's not apologizing for her postpartum body. In fact, she turned a negative on body-shaming into a positive to help uplift other new moms struggling with the pressure of quickly regaining their old shape back.

The 'RHOA' star brings a welcome message about postpartum body issues

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta"star, took to her Instagram on Friday and shared a small clip of her postpartum body. In her photo, the partially clad star posed with her beautiful daughter. Her caption related to a comment by a follower, who said, "You need to cover u P just until you lose the baby f*rt." They ended by suggesting it was a joke. But the "RHOA" star never saw it that way.

In fact, a screenshot of that message showed her reply. Porsha felt that the person telling her to cover up was actually "part of the problem." That's because she only just had her baby a few months back and she intends to enjoy her motherhood.

Additionally, she loves the shape and the marks on her body. She then went on to encourage moms to enjoy their baby and body and not let anyone "shame them into being insecure."

The positive outcome of a negative message to 'RHOA's' Porsha Williams

Posting that up, the Bravo star wrote a separate message to her fans about the pressure to regain their shape after birth.

In that post, she said that people need to understand that far too much of this type of thing gets handed out to new moms. She puts it down to "social media" altering "people’s perception of what moms look like." In fact, she added that other moms talk to her about the "underhanded compliments or jokes about their weight."

Well, Porsha does not like the way it "affects them in a negative way." Porsha adds that she feels moms should be left alone to enjoy their baby.

Porsha blames "The snap back culture" for pressurizing moms "so they end up feeling insecure about what their body is naturally doing." Then she goes on to say that she loves and adores her "lil marks." She also noted that she wants to "use [herself] to encourage fellow mommies."

Pressure on moms to get over the postpartum body in a hurry

Many fans liked that Porsha turned a negative into a positive message and used her Instagram to uplift them and share how she feels. One fan, @tammytblessed, noted, "Thank you for speaking about it." They added, "It’s a shame that..instead of uplifting each other we chose to tear down.

It’s not easy to carry a whole human being in your body for 9months." The "RHOA" fan added, "It’s a miracle and a blessing from above...I encourage you to love yourself no matter what, you’re a super hero a super woman, a vessel of blessings and miracles...embrace your mommy bodies...no fat shame or decor shame around here."

Actually, Porsha's very realistic. Over on parents.com, they note that apart from larger breasts and skin stretching, or even swelling, the belly's a problem. As they noted, "Your belly undergoes more changes during pregnancy than any other body part." That's because it takes time "for the uterus to revert back to its old size." Sometimes it's really hard to get rid of that pouch.

But, in time, exercise can help. But Porsha's right. More and more these days, social media seem to expect women to bounce right back into shape and flaunt their restored bodies.

What do you think about Porsha Williams' message that it's not okay to shame moms for their postpartum body? Do you like the way she took a negative and made it into a positive message for moms?

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