The news that Billy Miller is leaving “General Hospital has hit so hard that costar Kelly Monaco addressed the issue on social media. Fans don’t want his character to leave Port Charles, but the storyline indicates that it’s time he should exit. There simply is no place for Andrew Cane anymore and the handwriting has been on the wall for some time. Once Steve Burton returned as Jason, and Miller became his twin, Drew, nothing was ever the same. It was only a matter of time before Andrew Cane was written out of the show, or his portrayer walked away from the role.

The talented actor was simply hidden in plain sight for too long.

'GH' fans have loved Billy Miller as Jason and Drew

It took a while, but “General Hospital“ viewers eventual warmed up to Billy Miller and accepted him as Jason. Steve Burton who originated the role had moved on to “The Young and the Restless.” When Burton later decided he wanted to come back to Port Charles, most fans knew he would reclaim his role a Quartermaine and he did.

Miller became the twin, the sidekick to super Jason. He lost Sam, his position with Sonny and Carly as well as his identity.

Andrew Cane remained from and center but his storylines never seemed to work. Elizabeth Hendrickson joined the "GH" cast and rumors said she and Miller's character would become a couple but nothing came of it.

Later rumors said he and Kim would reunite but that did not happen either. Drew found out he had a teenage son, only to have him die a year later. Monica legally adopted him as a Quartermaine but something seemed to be missing. Now the flash drive with his memories has been implanted into his childhood friend. Even with all of this chaos, the viewers love him and don't want Miller to exit Port Charles.

Drew exits 'General Hospital amid the chaos

Rumors from Soap Central and Soap Dirt reveal that Andrew Cane is about to exit Port Charles in the midst of confusion and chaos. Franco is walking around with his memories, thinking he is in love with Kim, while Liz and Cameron are devastated at this turn of events. On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital", Peter lamented to Maxie that he feels responsible because he did not give Drew the flash drive when he first could have. Monica, Sonny, and Carly were brought up to speed regarding the memory mapping on Friday and each of them was stunned.

Unless something is done soon to restore Bobby Frank, Drew will leave town with his childhood friend knowing who he is.

"General Hosptial" kept the character, Andrew Cane front, and center but never really established him as his own person. He was always in Jason's shadow, and now Franco is taking center stage with his past memories. Billy Miller signed on to portray Jason Quartermaine but the show changed horses in the middle of the stream. Nothing has been working for Drew since so all he can do is exit Port Charles. Fans don’t want to say so long but at this point, there is no choice.