For several weeks. spoilers for "The Young and the Restless” have teased big fireworks at the Kola wedding. Theo was going to bring Zoe to town to shame Kyle, while Lola was going to be embarrassed by her father Adrian. Now, however, Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Zoe will show up but will not cause problems and Soap Hub says the same about Lola’s dad Adrian Rosales. It’s looking like the huge buildup for a wedding day disaster is actually going to be a big letdown and for now, Kyle and Lola will enjoy wedded bliss. Things could change in the future but it seems that the newlyweds will enjoy their honeymoon phase.

Kola wedding holds few surprises

CDL reveals that Theo will bring Zoe to the wedding reception but she is not going to cause trouble for the newlyweds. Kyle will apologize to her and she will leave. This is far from what spoilers have been promising, which was trouble in paradise. Even if this is correct and Zoe leaves town, Theo is still around to cause problems and both he and Summer know Kyle's New York secret. There must be a reason "Y&R" writers went to all the trouble to introduce Zoe, only for her to walk away without any drama. Viewers will have to wait and see what transpires after Monday's episode.

Soap Hub says that Lola will eventually talk to her father who came uninvited to her wedding.

He will apologize for not being there with her and the two will come to a sort of truce. Spoilers had suggested that Adrian Rosales was going to cause trouble but it looks like his appearance is going to be a snooze. It's looking like there will be no real surprises on the wedding day unless something happens that spoilers did not reveal.

Lola and Kyle's future on 'Y&R'

There is no telling what will happen down the road for Kyle and Lola because the New York secret could still come out. The new Mrs. Abbott will be hurt that her spouse did not confide in her and allowed the Zoe reveal to go on so long. There is also the issue of Summer who will make it through the nuptials but clearly be heartbroken.

Her hookups with Theo are about to come to an end because she realizes how a louse he is. Earlier "Y&R" spoiler alerts have also teased that Mr. Vanderway may end up sleeping with Phyllis.

Be sure to tune in to Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" and find out if recent spoilers are correct and Zoe and Adrain don't even cause a buzz. At some point, however, there will be trouble in paradise because no couple in Genoa City remains happy for long. Kola fans can enjoy the honeymoon phase for as long as it lasts and those who were looking for a Skyle reunion will have to give up, at least for now. It's even possible that Summer can find true love and forget Kyle so keep watching.