"LPBW" fans grew concerned about the future of the annual Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season after Amy decided on a buyout. We saw that at the end of the last season. Later, August 1, Radar Online confirmed that "the mother of four sold a portion of the iconic property to ex-husband Matt for a whopping $667,000." That raised further fears that the Pumpkin Season might be in jeopardy. Now, fans hoping for the grand event can rest assured. In fact, as usual, the 2019 season opens on October 4 and runs through to October 27.

The 'LPBW' fans need not stress about the 2019 event on Roloff farms

Now, it turns out that fans of TLC's "Little people, Big World" need not stress about the upcoming season. Over on the official Roloff Farms website, the details emerge, and as normal, the Pumpkin Season's open for visitors every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the season. Entrance times start at 10.00 AM daily and close at 5.00 PM. And of course, if you desperately need to get your hand on the famous Roloff Pumpkin Salsa, it's available this year once again. The Gift Barn's a great place to pick up mementos or gifts and the website stresses some of the fun items in there.

While loads of "LPBW" fans go there for the festivities, others who simply enjoy selecting their own pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch should know they allow free entrance to that area, and parking's free as well.

Just like previous years, other activities and events come along at staggered prices. The most popular option includes the All-Inclusive Pass for $15 per head, but please note that all children 10-years-old and younger require a "paid adult" to accompany them. Little ones under the age of three don't require payment.

The All-Inclusive allows for the "30 minute Wagon Tour and Adventure Zone Entry."

Pumpkin Season - other visitor options for 'LPBW' guests

Guests to the Pumpkin Season may choose a cheaper option, and that extends to either the Wagon Tour or The Adventure Zone. Remember to take along your ID for military and senior discounts.

And, if the whole family or group wish to attend, you just need to pitch up, as reservations are not required. Once again, if your wallet stretches a bit further, you may request a Golden Pass Private Tour. And, if you're a "LPBW" fan stressing that Amy Roloff may not be there, she definitely will. We know this because the Private Pass Tours get taken by "Matt, Zachary, Amy or Jeremy," according to the latest updates on the website.

Fun for kids of all ages returns this year and the main attractions in the Adventure Zone feature the popular Hay Pyramid and the Bamboo Maze. Once again you can check out the exotic animals or the Petting Zoo. Kids love the Giant Tire Zone and the Kiddy train, but that only runs on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Pony Hops, Rail Roller and Little Lucy's Ball Race also feature again this ear. Oh, and the Putt Putt's there as well as the Spooky Forest Trail Loop.

The pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch

Back in June Matt Roloff shared a video to his Instagram that showed heavy rain at Roloff Farms. He wasn't there but hoped the baby pumpkins would be okay. As they suggest no shortage of pumpkins on the main Website, we can assume that the "LPBW" family never suffered any disaster from the downpour.

What do you think about the return of the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season in 2019? Do you plan to visit? At this time, there's no mention as to whether the event continues in the future but hopefully more info comes from Matt Roloff or Amy in coming months.

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