While Rotten Tomatoes critics may not have shown much love to "Aladdin," Disney is looking into a sequel to the Live-action version of Aladdin. The live-action version of "Aladdin" earned Disney a lot of money at the box office in May. The updated live-action film to the 1992 animated version of "Aladdin" brought in over one billion dollars at the box office and the film is expected to even bring in more money when it arrives on streaming platforms and store shelves.

While live-action "Aladdin" is clearly not done making Disney money, there's now evidence that the studio is discussing an "Aladdin" sequel.

"Aladdin" producer Dan Lin spoke to ComicBook.com saying he believes that audiences want to see more and that he and the studio have received fan letters about people who have gone to the movie and brought their friends and family. Lin says that there's more story to tell.

'Aladdin' live-action received mixed reviews from critics

The film earned mixed reviews and has received a 57 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but holds a 94 percent rating among audiences. Critics have said that the updated live-action film didn't add anything new to the story. After receiving mixed reviews, many are wondering why Disney would move forward with a sequel that could damage the value the popular "Aladdin" holds in the Disney animated library.

While it holds a 94 percent fresh rating among audiences, Disney could care less what a critic thought of their live-action film. For older audiences with kids now, watching "Aladdin" was a chance to revisit their childhoods and introduce the story to their children."Aladdin" is definitely a goldmine for the House of Mouse.

Money is the driving force behind the decision to make a sequel. That thinking may be great for the studio's bottom line, but that has also led to an erosion of standards in terms of films. This doesn't mean "Aladdin's" sequel wouldn't be good. Maybe a sequel could become one that does better than its predecessor.

'Aladdin' sequel doesn't make sense for a film that didn't add anything new

This potential sequel leaves fans confused as to why Disney would even consider a sequel if the 2019 version was criticized for not adding anything new or fresh to the original tale. The point to updating an original is to add new and fresh ideas to the story, not just a re-hash but with live-action actors.

In terms of finances, a potential "Aladdin" sequel does make sense for Disney, as it will bring audiences to the theater and create new ways to market the film in merchandise and theme park attractions. Based on previous decisions, there's a strong chance that we will see an "Aladdin" sequel, whether we want one or not.