Khloe Kardashian got slammed by some "KUWTK" fans after she took to Twitter to talk about her migraine. It came within 24 hours of the killings reported at Walmart in El Paso. Angry fans felt the least she could have done was post up something about that tragedy. However, so far, not a word came from Khloe. Some people agreed that migraines literally feel like they're killing you, but others asked - what about the real dead people?

The El Paso killing that worked up followers of Khloe Kardashian

NBC News reported that 20 people were killed and "26 injured." They noted that "Gov.

Greg Abbott called it "one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas."' The incident took place on the morning of August 3, about 15 hours before Khloe Kardashian posted her tweet about migraines. During the incident, a suspect was taken into custody but left a terrible carnage behind. The suspect was named by the police as Patrick Crusius, 21, who hails from the Dallas area.

NBC suggests that it's being treated as a hate crime, but apparently, it's too soon to determine that. While many people were rushed to hospital from the Cielo Vista Mall, and police called for blood donations, it seems to some fans that Khloe's headache took priority over this terrible incident.

Inane migraine tweet by Khloe Kardashian infuriates some fans

Those people who suffer from migraines were quick to respond when Khloe first posted about her headache. Khloe wrote, "Migraines are the worst!!!! Any remedies? I’ve pretty much have tried everything but I’m desperate to hear some of your solutions or remedies if you have any." Many people came up with remedies of every known kind.

Some people thought it wonderful that Khloe put the spotlight on the condition. Some of them noted, it feels like they really are dying.

After all the suggestions came in, Khloe wrote, "Thank you guys so so much!! I'm going to try some of your tips." In her final tweet, she said, "God bless you all! Im sorry to those of you who suffer from migraines!..Sending my love." That got up the nose of some people, who slammed her for it, thinking sending her love to El Paso may have been the correct thing to do.

Especially as her previous tweet last came on July 29.

Fans slam Khloe, tell her to think about the reality of dead people

Disgusted fans commented on the post alongside those gushing about migraines in the spotlight and fellow sufferers appreciating the 'love.' Heres what some of them said about it:

Meanwhile, another follower, @arm** said to Khloe, "for a split second i thought this was gonna be about the unfortunate #ElPasoShooting." Then, scathing, this tweet came from someone seriously unhappy about Khloe:

There were many more similar sentiments expressed.

What do you think of the so-called "inane" tweet about migraines that Khloe sent out? Do you think she could have called for prayers or sent her love to the families of the dead in El Paso? Do you think she deserved getting slammed by some followers?

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