"General Hospital" viewers are about to have a mystery to solve, as death is coming to Port Charles. There are a number of possible suspects, but the victim is more than likely not who you think. There have already been two attempts on Obrecht’s life and she will confront Brad on Monday. Rumors suggest the top three candidates who may be marked to lose their lives are Drew, Shiloh, and Sasha. On Friday, Cassandra injected something into the grapefruit that Ms. Gilmore was eating so viewers know she most likely was poisoned. This does not, however, indicate that she will die, so eagle-eyed devotees of the ABC daytime drama need to pay close attention to all the clues.

Someone dies in Port Charles

Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors say that a Port Charles resident will die soon. It could be anyone but the rumor says Sasha, Drew and Shiloh are at the top of the list. Soap Dirt says that the cult leader is going to be pretty busy and may possibly have Drew’s memories implanted in Franco. Mr. Baldwin was told by a psychic to not take a drive and he thinks it’s about riding in a vehicle, but it may be related to the stolen flash drive. Viewers believe the Dawn of Day leader is going to meet a horrible fate and there are any number of people who want him dead.

Some rumors suggest that Drew will die because Billy Miller is leaving “General Hospital” soon. CDL, however, points out that the actor has said he is open to returning to the ABC daytime drama.

The spoiler says, for this reason, Miller’s character will not be killed off. This leaves Sasha as the third and most likely one to die. On Friday, Cassandra Pierce took a selfie with Ms. Gilmore and Michael and invited them to breakfast the next morning. She arrived early and injected a substance in Sasha’s grapefruit. ”General Hospital“ is getting close to revealing that Sasha is not Nina's daughter and it might take hospitalization or death for the truth to come out.

Sasha' current situation may bring revelation to Port Charles

Soap Dirt says Cassandra might have poisoned Nina’s daughter and offer an antidote in exchange for something else. It’s possible that while hospitalized, Sasha may need a transfusion and the truth about her deception will be revealed. If she dies, Nina will surely grieve but Willow should eventually produce the locket that proves who she is.

"General Hospital" has not addressed the issue of Nina’s true daughter having the other half of the locket from Madeline.

Once this piece of jewelry surfaces, it will only be a matter of time before mother and daughter are reunited. Will the person who dies in Port Charles be Drew, Shasta, Shiloh or someone else? Be on the lookout for spoilers to update storylines as information becomes available. Continue to watch “General Hospital” each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.