Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have announced the arrival of their third child. The couple welcomed baby girl West during the evening hours of January 15, 2018. The latest Kardashian/Jenner family member made her entrance into the world weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs, 6 oz. So far not too many details have been revealed, however, what fun would it be if baby girl West did not arrive without bringing with her a ton of media controversy and fan theories?

Baby cash-in: Running to the bank in 2018

There has been so much Kardashian/Jenner baby speculation going on since the media broke the news back in September that not only was Kim expecting her third child via surrogate, but sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were also pregnant.

The big news surrounding Kylie's pregnancy is that so far the youngest Jenner has remained completely silent on the subject. She has steered clear of social media photos, celebrity outings, and no one in the family is saying a word, even after Khloe confirmed her pregnancy.

The biggest Kardashian secret yet?

As far as a fan conspiracy theory goes, let's just ask the question on everyone's minds: "Could Kylie Jenner actually be Kim Kardashian's surrogate?" Thousands of fans believe that this is a real possibility. Let's examine the alleged clues. First, Kylie is just being too quiet. This is so not like her to keep on the DL, especially when it comes to using social media. Next, this has to be killing Kris Jenner, not to use Kylie's pregnancy as a huge money-making opportunity -- unless there is an even bigger opportunity waiting.

Let's just say that the Kardashian/Jenner family decided to pull the biggest Media Prank of all-times. What if Kylie Jenner is actually Kim's baby surrogate and the entire thing has been kept a giant secret from fans, the media, and the world, until they decide that the time (and the price) is right to cash-in on their secret?

After all, we all remember the huge controversial Bruce/CaitlynJenner secret. So, we know that when needed, the family can remain very tight-lipped. Coincidentally enough, reports over the weekend said that Kylie was in the hospital in active labor. It was later stated according to TMZ that Kylie was not in labor, but she did have a pregnancy-related medical issue that required attention.

Now, remember, she has not confirmed her pregnancy to anyone, but someone, somewhere, revealed she had a pregnancy issue? Next came the news that Kim and Kanye's baby girl was born, just hours later.

What are your thoughts?