Thomas Forrester is not going down without a fight on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Rumors indicate he will remain obsessed with Hope and may even try to kidnap his wife and Beth. No matter how he tries to justify his actions, Flo and Zoe can confirm his evil deeds, especially killing Emma. Everyone involved in the baby switch will eventually pay for their crimes but the heir to the Forrester dynasty should be locked up in a facility for the criminally insane. His bad choices will ultimately cost Thomas his wife, sister, son and his freedom. Should he pursue his issues with Liam he could even lose his life.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" rumors don’t reveal what will actually happen to Thomas but give suggestions of possibilities. Soap Dirt says that at some point the Forrester heir will try to get away from LA and all of the meds he has created. He may even kidnap Hope and Beth believing he can start a family with them in some other place. Douglas defies his father by telling the truth about Phoebe. On Friday during a phone call, he told his dad that he was mean, while Liam and Steffy were nice. Thomas might see this as betrayal and turn his back on his child.

Thomas might not face the music

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Flo, Zoe, and Shauna will all be reprimanded for their allowing Thomas to go on his reign of terror.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” rumors say that Thomas is going to have his own agenda so it’s looking like he will not yet face the music for his crimes. Zoe admitted to Liam and Wyatt that Thomas promised her the same fate as Emma if she did not keep the secret, but this may not be enough to convict him of murder. It also may bring no sympathy to Flo as she was directly involved long before Hope’s husband found out.

"B&B" viewers should keep in mind that executive producer Brad Bell has said this storyline won’t be completed until November, so there is still a lot of ground to cover. It may not be until the very end that Thomas Forrester finally pays for his crimes. In the meantime, Liam and Hope have their child back, but Steffy is suffering because of her sibling.

She has to give up the daughter she adopted and at some point, it will come out that Liam only slept with her because Thomas drugged him. There is also the issue of the Lope and Steam love triangle beginning again.

Between now and November, Thomas could go into hiding but, at some point, his devious ways must be addressed. "B&B" rumors don’t say whether Dr. Buckingham or a Xander will return to LA but Flo’s testimony should be enough even if Zoe won’t fess up. It’s also not clear if Hope’s new cousin will be prosecuted, but spoilers agree that something is going to happen to Thomas Forrester. Be on the lookout for updates to this storyline as soon as they become available.