"The Bold and the Beautiful" had a Friday cliffhanger that viewers have been longing for. The confrontation with Liam and Flo was well worth the wait. The honesty of little Douglas has paved the way for Beth to be reunited with her birth parents but will come at great cost for his father. The little boy told the truth and Liam went racing off to Hope’s cousin who divulged all the sordid details. Now there is a race against time to stop Thomas from doing any more damage. The bottom line is that the Logans, Foresters, and Spencers will find out that the baby they thought had died was living among them, hidden in plain sight all along.

Douglas and Flo come clean on ‘B&B'

Phoebe is Beth”, is what little Douglas has been saying but no one took him seriously until Thursday. Liam tried to explain to a stunned Steffy that it all made sense, but she could not comprehend it all. Liam went to his brother’s home where Flo broke down and confessed everything in front of Wyatt. “B&B” viewers were treated to an episode where everything is finally out in the open.

On Friday’s “B&B” episode, Douglas got his aunt to call his dad on the phone. The little boy told Thomas that he was mean and Steffy and Liam were nice. He added that this is why he gave them the truth about Beth. The Forrester heir decided to whisk Hope away before she could find out her baby is alive land took her to Forrester Creations to wait on the helicopter.

In the meantime, Liam made his way to Hope and told her all the details about her heir daughter being alive.

'B&B' finally gives Hope the good news

”The Bold and the Beautiful” allowed this storyline to go through most of the summer without any real progress. On Friday viewers got what they were waiting for in spades. It was a touching moment, when Liam told Hope the good news, as an irate Thomas banged on the locked office door.

He was yelling that Hope was his wife and telling her not to believe what Liam was saying. Spoilers indicate that Steffy’s brother is going to try to flee with his new bride but Liam will stop them. Meanwhile, Ridge showed up at his daughter’s home in an attempt to find out what’s going on with his grandson.

Douglas continued saying Phoebe was Beth and did not waver.

His aunt and grandfather did not know what to make of it all. Soon Flo and Thomas will be exposed for their roles and The lies and manipulation that began with Dr Reese Buckingham. Be sure not to miss Monday’s exciting episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The action is intensifying and Beth is about to be reunited with her birth parents. Everyone who kept the secret of the baby switch must now answer for their complicity in the matter. The dots are quickly and finally connecting.