"General Hospital" has a mystery that so far has remained on the back burner. Curtis Ashford’s aunt Stella is related to some unknown person in Port Charles and no clues to the identity have been revealed. Assuming the relation is African American, there are only a few choices to consider. If it’s Vivienne who is in the Alzheimer’s facility, it might explain why there has been no response to Ms. Henry’s correspondence. The other options would be Brick, Epiphany or Felix but they are not on contract and rarely seen. It’s also possible that the DNA match is someone else, who is not black which widens the field.

Based on what Jordan said the DNA results concluded, the individual would be a parent, child or sibling.

'GH' moving slowly on Stella’s storyline

"General Hospital" has not been pursuing Stella's family relation, but randomly Jordan, Curtis, and Auntie have been talking about it. The mystery relative may soon be revealed, however, as Jordan let Stella know this week that she and Curtis have been on the case. They told Ms. Henry that DNA indicates that her family member is a close one and asked if perhaps she had a child she gave up for adoption. Stella was shocked and said no, but a close relation DNA match is not exclusive to a son or daughter. This could also indicate a parent or sibling is lurking around.

Curtis has been wrapped up in working for Valentin and Jax, while Jordan is still recovering from surgery. Even so, they do seem intent on helping Stella find her long lost relation. “General Hospital” is not making this a priority so there is no telling how long before the mystery person is unmasked. The Quartermaines already have African American relations and more extended family members than they can keep up with.

Until some clues are given it will be difficult for viewers to figure out.

'GH' Stella mystery will be solved

Sometimes on “General Hospital” as well as other soaps, when there is a mystery character involved, they will show that person in a scene immediately after he or she has been mentioned. This is the way viewers often catch on to the truth.

Unfortunately, this has not happened when Ms. Henry, her nephew, and niece have been discussing her DNA results. There must be a reason the relative is not responding so if it’s not Vivienne, perhaps it’s someone hospitalized or unable to care for themselves.

Jordan is trying her best not to micromanage Mack while he is police commissioner and Curtis is preoccupied with Aurora Media, Nina, Jax, Drew and Valentin. DNA match seems to be lost in the shuffle and the answer could right in front of everyone. At some point, however, the mystery will be solved and “General Hospital” viewers may get a big surprise. The close relative may have been hidden in plain sight all along. Stay tuned to find out if Stella Watson is a Corinthos, Quartermaine, Cassadine, or someone different in Port Charles.