On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" Franco shared memories of Andrew Cane's past with Drew. Oscar's dad located the stolen money in the vehicle his son left Cameron in his will and decided to return it to Afghanistan. Rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soaps She Knows say that his private plane will go down and Jason's twin will be captured or presumed dead. This may leave a door open for a future return but for now, Kim's baby daddy is long gone from Port Charles. Prior to leaving town, Franco shared with his childhood friend all that he recalled about what happened just before Helena kidnapped him.

This information closes one door but opens others for future storylines.

Flashbacks fill in gaps for Drew

Both Shiloh and Franco revealed Drew's past in flashbacks and an amazing story began to unfold on Wednesday on "General Hospital." It was Shiloh who delivered Andrew Cane to Helena Cassadine, and Peter August, as Heimrich who assisted her in the experiments with Jason and his twin. Peter heard the later from the cult leader when he went to visit him in prison. They are the only two who are aware of this part of the story. This will no doubt open doors for future intrigue in Port Charles, and possible heartbreak for Maxie.

Drew left for Afghanistan knowing that Shiloh was selling oil on the black market, thanks to Franco.

He wanted to do the right thing for his son and return the funds because Franco is wearing an ankle monitor, it will be Bobby Frank filling in all the blanks related to Andrew Cane's life because Drew may never return to Port Charles. It's possible that he is injured in Afghanistan and a recast comes back to town with 100% of past memories intact.

This is speculation because "GH" rumors have not indicated what happens with the character in the future.

Andre Maddox may help erase Drew's memories from Franco

On Tuesday and Wednesday, on "General Hospital' Andre Maddox was mentioned as possibly the one who could help Franco recover his own memories. Should this happen the saga of Andrew Cane will come to an end, at least for now.

The focus will be on Peter trying to keep Maxie and the rest of Port Charles from finding out that he played a part in what happened to Jason and Drew.

Be sure not to miss one exciting episode of "General Hospital" during the next few weeks. Stay tuned to find out if Peter is exposed by Shiloh and if Andre Maddox can help Franco find himself. The drama is building in Port Charles and secrets are being revealed. Make sure you remain on the lookout for more rumors and updates when new information becomes available. Drew may be gone, but it's still possible for Franco to return to Liz and her boys. "GH" will air a rerun on Monday, September 2.