At the end of Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" viewers received answers to two lingering questions. Those who enjoy the ABC daytime drama have been wondering when Anna Devane would come back from her summer vacation. Devotees of the action in Port Charles have also been seeking answers about Hayden's child. Anna, whom no one has been able to reach, suddenly called Finn and he told her he was glad to hear from her. This is an indication that Finola Hughes will soon be wrapping up her time away from the show and will be back on screen. Hayden made a phone call to someone and asked how her daughter was doing, which lets viewers know that she and Finn have a little girl.

Anna returns to find Hayden hovering Finn

Soaps She Knows indicates that Finola Hughes has been spotted filming on the set of "General Hospital" which indicates that her character Anna Devane will soon be in Port Charles again. The phone call to Dr. Finn may have been to let viewers know that she will soon be on screen. At the same time, the infectious disease physician was telling his fiancee that he was happy to hear from her, Hayden was talking to an unknown individual on the phone. Ms. Barnes asked the person on the other end of the conversation to convey to her daughter that she loves her.

This is the first time there has been any conclusive evidence that Hayden indeed gave birth to Hamilton Finn's child.

The little girl should be about two years old now and having her mentioned just when Anna is about to return indicates trouble. "General Hospital" viewers have no idea of whether or not the child is in Port Charles, or who is taking care of her. This is a mystery, but it will be solved in time. Anna will not like coming home to find Hayden hovering over her fiancee and she will be absolutely floored to know the couple has a daughter.

Anna, Finn, Hayden in crisis situations

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Anna will return to a lot of drama in Port Charles. In addition to Hayden and her daughter, Ms. Devane must deal with Dr. Cabot. he will decide to make a deal to get out of jail and will promise he can tell Ms. Devane which memories are hers and which ones belong to her twin, Alex.

"GH" rumors suggest that Anna's sister may truly be Peter August's birth mother.

Meanwhile, Finn is trying his best to figure out what is going on with Sasha, and find a cure for her illness. Soaps She Knows says he will be stunned by a new round of test results. Hayden is busy trying to find something at Wyndamere that will benefit both herself and Jax. Now that "General Hospital" has acknowledged that Finn and Ms. Barnes have a living child, this will greatly impact everything, so stay tuned.