On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Andrew Cane made his last known appearance in Port Charles. The actor retrieved the money from Cameron's vehicle and is headed to make things right. Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors suggest that Drew's plane will crash and he will be presumed missing or dead. This leaves the door open for Billy Miller or a recast to return to the role but this scenario has not been confirmed. Earlier rumors said there may be a showdown with Shiloh and or Drew might have to rescue Cameron. Sopa Dirt shares rumors for the next week and nothing is mentioned about Drew, so viewers will have to stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Drew may be gone but not for good from Port Charles

Celeb Dirty Laundry often projects situations for daytime drama shows that do not pan out, but sometimes they are on the mark. This time the rumor is eluding that Andrew Cane may die in a plane crash. On Wednesday, after securing the missing money from Cameron's vehicle, Drew was seen stepping into a "General Hospital" elevator. CDL claims this is his last scene in Port Charles and pints out that he did not have any time with his daughter Scout.

Earlier rumors suggested that there may be some type of showdown with Shiloh at Sonny's warehouse, but that crisis had to do with a thieving employee who was setting Dev up. The cult leader is safely tucked away in Pentonville and there does not seem to be enough time for him to escape, kidnap Cam, and track down Drew.

There were also rumors that Kim and Oscar's father would leave town together, but that did not happen. If the elevator scene is the last time Andrew Cane will be seen in Port Charles, it was not a very fitting end for the talented actor.

'General Hospital' the next few weeks

Soap Dirt indicates that within the next two weeks in Port Charles, Elizabeth will be disappointed that she cannot get through to her husband, while Ava will be in contact with Ryan Chamberlain yet again.

Jax will make a graceful exit but the rumor does not say if it is from Port Charles, or out of the clutches of Obrecht who is crushing on him. Not one thing is mentioned regarding Andrew Cane and what happens after he exits the elevator.

"General Hospital" viewers should make sure to tune in each weekday afternoon on ABC, to find out what happens next.

The Port Charles drama begins every Monday through Friday at 2:00 PM EST. Keep in mind that rumors are not always an exact science, but can be 100 percent accurate, completely off base, or anywhere in between. The final fate of Drew will eventually be revealed and fans will know for certain what took place. Best wishes to Billy Miller in his future endeavors, wherever they take him.