The dysfunction at Wyndemere continued on Thursday’s episode of "General Hospital" when Hayden made an absolute idiot of herself. She began drinking from the martini that Valentin had made for Jax and the truth serum caused her to be brutally honest. Everyone in attendance saw that Ms. Barnes could not help herself as she divulged her deepest emotions and was brutally truthful regarding her personal feelings. Jax tried to keep her quiet and questioned why she was so “drunk” after only one drink hut Nina and Valentin redirected him kept him occupied.

By then end of the evening, much was revealed and yet the mystery continues.

Hayden falls prey to Valentin's trickery

Hayden and Jax arrived at Wyndemere on Wednesday’ episode of "General Hospital" and ran into an uninvited guest. Hamilton Finn was there warning Valentin and Nina that Cassandra Pierce is on the loose. Finn tried to exit but could not because of a storm. Meanwhile, Jax and Ms. Barbers drank the martini’s they were offered. Mr. Cassadine put truth serum in the glass marked for Jax, but Ms. Hayden obviously drank it by mistake.

Finn’s baby mama excused herself to go to the bathroom but was caught by a female employee trying to get into Valentin’s office. Hayden lied that she became confused, but by the time the two women made it back to the dinner party the truth serum had kicked in.

Me. Barnes admitted that she knew her way around Wyndemere, having lived there before and said she was trying to get into Valentin’s office to search it. Just as she was saying what she was looking for, Jax chimed in and loudly said "diamonds." He lied that his companion was searching for one of the jewels she left behind and Hayden looked confused for a moment, then set her sights on Finn.

"GH" viewers were wondering when she would declare her feelings and she did just that.

Haden's agenda still unclear on 'GH'

Ms. Barnes seemed a little tipsy as she asked Dr. Finn if he ever thought of her, and admitted that she had been thinking of him. Before she could slip and say anything about their baby, it was announced that the dock was open for travel.

When Nina later said that Jax admitted nothing, Valentin replied that at least they know the duo was looking for something It’s clear Hayden and Finn both still care for each other but the "General Hospital" writers are taking their time with this storyline and spoilers have not revealed anything significant.

"General Hospital" viewers do have three facts to go on in the situation. The first is that Hayden still loves Finn, the second is that there is a baby that must be dealt with. The third is that Ms. Barnes and Jax are indeed seeking something from Wyndemere. The last is that Anna will soon return to Port Charles and Finn will be forced to decide which woman he truly desires. In the meantime be watching for Hayden.