On "General Hospital" Nina and Curtis have an unusual friendship. They are very close and have each other's backs but neither of their spouses' is jealous. Current storylines, however, indicate that the duo is headed for some troubling situations which could cement their friendship or push them in different directions. The truth that Sasha is not Nina’s biological daughter will hit hard because Mr. Ashford’ will be ashamed he got taken in by Valentin. There will also be Drew’s disappearance and presumed death to deal with. Nina will lose her daughter, her spouse and her former boss.

Curtis will be missing a good friend and feel he betrayed another one.

Nina's world is about to crumble on 'GH'

Ms. Gilmore is in "General Hospital" right now because Cassandra injected something into her pineapple. Soap Dirt suggests that this week, Nin will get a text showing her enemy in the photo with her daughter and Michael. She will be horrified and probably figure out that Ms. Pierce has something to do with Sasha's condition. In the meantime, it will soon be revealed that someone else, most likely Willow is Ms. Reeves real daughter and that will be a beast all on its own.

Curtis will be outraged that Valentin used him to dupe his friend and he will also be there to comfort Nina as she deals with the shock.

There will also be a time of adjustment as Ms. Reeves walks away from her husband and pretend daughter and then must get to know her real child. In the midst of all of this Hayden Barnes is snooping around Wyndemere and there are rumors that Nikolas Cassadine will return to "General Hospital." The dark prince and Spencer will clean house at their family home.

Nina and Curtis will mourn Drew

Curtis is working on trying to locate Dr, Maddox to find a way to return Franco's memories and now Celeb Dirty Laundry says Drew's plane will go down and he will be missing, It's not known yet if Andrew Cane's body will be found and he will be held hostage or declared dead. "General Hospital" viewers do know that both Curtis and Nina will be devastated at the news that their friend is gone.

There is also the fact that Valentin has Curtis investigating Jax, but he has no idea that his wife ha asked to see any information first.

Curtis and Nina are caught between these two powerful men and, rumor has it, that when she leaves Valentin, Ms. Reeves will become romantically involved with Josslyn's father. Detective Ashford probably will not care for his friendship with the Aussie playboy Andy more than he desired to see her with Valentin. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out how Curtis and Mina's friendship weathers all these upcoming storms.