Rumors for ''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) for the week of August 26, say that the truth about Nicole and Holly could finally emerge. The plots, for the soap opera broadcast on NBC, will then take unexpected turns. In Monday's episode, Kristen will launch a bomb about Brady, while Sarah and Maggie will put Xander in trouble. Tony will be arrested after making a confession to Anna. On Tuesday, August 27, Anna will give Tony some advice to get out of trouble. Xander will make a burning confession: "Holly and Nicole are alive." Gabi and Stefan, meanwhile, kiss with passion.

In the ''DOOL'' episode of August 28, Xander and Sarah will likely discuss Nicole and Eric. Chloe, on the other hand, will tell Brady that she has received a really interesting proposal. On Friday, August 30, Eric, Jennifer and Jack, after discovering the truth about Holly and Nicole, decide to leave for Chicago and find the answers to this enigma. Below are other unmissable weekly ''Days of Our lives'' speculation and rumors.

'Days of Our Lives': Hot Revelations in Salem

''Days of Our Lives,'' this week, promises great revelations as illustrated by the promo video released by NBC. Tony will be arrested as a prime suspect for Ted's death. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors, Kristen could give an unexpected turn to this storyline by confessing other interesting details.

However, Kristen will be busy making other burning statements. The dangerous DiMera, in fact, will confess that both Nicole and Holly are alive. Brady will obviously want to know where they are, but Kristen will keep her mouth shut.

Brady will inform Eric of the sensational news. He then goes to Kristina, who will confirm that Holly and Nicole are alive.

According to CDL information, there will be a heated argument between Eric and Kristina DiMera. Eric's goal will be exclusively to track down Nicole and Holly.

Xander confesses the truth about Holly in 'Days of Our Lives' weekly episodes

In the ''DOOL'' promo video, Xander will say that Holly is not dead, leaving Maggie and Sarah speechless.

According to Soap Opera News, Xander will want to take this burden off his conscience and decide to confess. As we know, he played an important role in the storyline, as it was he who participated in the falsification of the death of little Holly.

Gabi and Stefan will let themselves be carried away by passion, even though they have not yet been tracked down. They will have the opportunity to talk about their feelings. Most likely, Gabi will admit to loving Stefan. In short, it seems that the week is full of twists and turns that will upset Salem. Hot revelations, sudden passions, and new intrigues will keep viewers in suspense. Stay tuned not to miss the next episodes of the soap opera and discover the exciting new ''Days of Our Lives'' news and updates.