Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that the handwriting may be on the wall for Wes Ramsey’s character on "General Hospital." This is because, on Friday, Peter August made it clear that he is still very much Henrik Faison. The rumor is that Peter may not be able to be redeemed and there are several reasons why. Anna's son has basically been doing nothing for months but making goo-goo eyes at Maxie and he recently found the courage to say he loves her. He also ordered someone to stop Andrew Cane from finding Dr. Andre Maddox, which could indicate that if Drew dies, Robert Scorpio has been correct that Henrik bears watching.

Peter helped Helena kidnap Jason and Drew

It was revealed last week on "General Hospital" that Henrik Faison helped Helena Cassadine get her hands on Jason and his twin when she wanted to do her experiment. Shiloh had delivered Drew to the Cassadine matriarch and stood back watching to see what happened next. He is now threatening Peter to help him or he will tell everyone about his past. Instead of coming clean to Maxie, Anna's son decided to interfere with Drew finding Dr. Maddox.

Franco has Andrew Cane's memories and told Drew the money Shiloh was looking for was hidden in Cameron's car. Drew got the money and decided to return it to Afghanistan, but the cult leader is not aware of this. He wants to keep Andre far away from "Dranco" because he does not want Franco to lose Drew's memories.

"General Hospital" rumors suggest that Drew's plane will go down and he will die or disappear and be presumed dead.

Wes Ramsey’s days may be numbered on 'General Hospital'

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that if Henrik is the reason Drew dies, that he may not be able to be redeemed and therefore would have no place in Port Charles.

There are other things taking place that also may indicate that Wes Ramsey’s days are numbered. There have been rumblings for some time now that Peter might be the son of Alex and Faison rather than Anna. Dr. Cabot was recently arrested and promised to reveal which memories belong to Ms. Devane and which are her twin's if he can cut a deal.

Should Peter belong to Alex this will make it easier to accept his dirty deeds.

Maxie's stepdad Mac Scorpio is the interim police commissioner and his brother Robert is the new DA. Should Faison's son turn out not to be Anna's child, and there is proof of his crimes, the one brother will get him for his sins and the other will defend Maxie. All of this could simply be coincidence and conjecture, or the “General Hospital” writers are setting the viewers up for the fall of Peter/Henrik. Be sure not to miss upcoming episodes of this ABC daytime drama because things are becoming very interesting in Port Charles.