Celeb Dirty Laundry says that battle lines are being drawn, on The Bold and the Beautiful," with regard to Brooke pushing Thomas over the cliff. Steffy has not been on the scene, since finding out that Phoebe is Beth, and there is no telling how she will feel about her brother. Hope was there and knows her mom was trying to protect her. Liam has been watching Thomas spiral out of control for a long time and that he is responsible for Emma's death. Unfortunately, all eyes in LA, especially those of Detective Sanchez, will be focused on one issue.

Ridge will accuse his wife of deliberately pushing his son over the cliff and Thomas may wake up from his coma and agree.

Liam and Hope defend Brooke

CDL says that when Detective Sanchez asks questions about how Thomas ended up at the bottom of the cliff house embankment, Hope and Liam will side with Brooke. They will agree that Ridge and Taylor's son was out of control and needed to be stopped. One issue that probably will not be addressed, on "B&B," however, is the sequence of events that led to the fall over the cliff. Liam warned Hope about her new husband and she realized he would be angry about the annulment. Why then, would Ms. Logan go out of the house and stand near the cliff in the first place?

Yes, this is daytime drama but it was not a wise decision.

Steffy may surprise everyone on 'B&B'

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Steffy might be so angry at her brother that she will side with Brooke and Hope but, considering her recent loses, quite the opposite is just as possible. Phoebe has been taken from her and Liam has moved in with Hope and Beth.

They say blood is thicker than water, so Ms. Forrester might decide the Logans are taking everything from her. First her daughter, then her man, and now her brother. Ridge has stuck by Steffy through all of this so she may trust his judgment. If he says his wife pushed Thomas with intent, then his daughter may just agree. Instead of having her angry with her brother for lying, "B&B" may have Miss Forrester angry with the Logans for being on her property in the first place.

Ridge wants his wife arrested

CDL and Soap She Knows both indicate that Ridge believes Brooke pushed his son over the cliff on purpose. Perhaps she could have simply stood between her daughter and stepson but Thomas made a movement as if he were going for Hope. Had Brooke found the couple arguing in the house or somewhere else on the property, none of this would have happened. She probably thought that if she had not acted quickly, her own child may have gone over the embankment. As crazy as Thomas has become, he may have considered a murder-suicide. "B&B" has made Ridge and Taylor's son so volatile, who knows what he may have done. Now he will be responsible for his father accusing his stepmom of attempted murder.