''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) rumors tell us that Eric will soon be close to the truth. When Brady finds out that Kristen DiMera has tricked him, he'll freak out. Brady also learns that Holly and the real Nicole are alive and will do everything possible to bring them home safely. Of course, Kristen DiMera won't stay and watch as her life falls apart. ''DOOL'' rumors suggest that she will try to make a deal, but not before she has faced Eric's anger and hatred. Also, the wicked DiMera will lose control and could vent her hatred against Marlena. Who will stop her?

And most of all, will Holly and the real Nicole be able to get home safe and sound?

'Days Of Our Lives': Towards the Truth About Nicole and Holly

In the upcoming ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes, Eric will be assailed by a whirlwind of emotions and will have to face many difficult situations at the same time. Eric believed for some time that Nicole had died from the warehouse fire. When he found himself faced with the love of his life again, he was shocked but did not hesitate to believe that all this was true. Of course, Eric can't know that what Nicole thinks is actually Nicole DiMera. Subsequently, Eric Brady learned of Holly's death, sinking into the vortex of despair. Again, he doesn't know that it was a sham and that the girl is still alive.

''DOOL'' rumors assure that very soon Brady will have to face the whole truth and will understand that the reality in which he has lived so far has been a big lie. How will she react? Obviously, Eric will be surprised when he finds out that Nicole is actually Kristen DiMera. It seems that the secret is revealed thanks to John's precious help.

According to ''Celeb Dirty Laundry's'' hypothesis, Eric could see Kristen without a mask. Other rumors suggest that Kristen loses control and threatens with a Marlena gun.

'DOOL' Next Episodes: Xander Reveals Holly Is Alive

In the upcoming ''Days Of Our Lives'' episodes, Xander will discover that Holly is alive. Eric Brady, knowing the news, will have several questions and issues to resolve.

How will he react when he realizes that Kristen has been able to ruin his life? His anger will be very strong and it can't be ruled out that Eric can do something crazy. His goal will be to find Holly and make Kristen pay for her crimes.

Other ''DOOL'' rumors tease that Kristen won't give up so easily. The woman will try to make a deal with Xander, but first, she will have to face Eric's hatred. At the same time, Brady will commit to finding Nicole and Holly and taking them to safety. What obstacles will she face? We just have to wait for the next ''Days of Our Lives spoilers'' and watch the episodes broadcast on NBC.