The chaos on "General Hospital" intensified on Wednesday, when Liz realized her husband did not know who she was. He truly believes he is Andrew Cane and won’t listen to what.anyone is trying to tell him. Elizabeth later watched in horror as her spouse planted a kiss on a confused Kim. The memory mapping was a complete success and Mr. Baldwin has no recollection of the past seven years. His wife, Kevin, and Drew tried to explain his situation to him, but it was to no avail. Meanwhile, Lucas shared with his dad, that he believes Dr. Nero is planning to leave town without him.

It’s possible she could fall for Franco’s version of Drew and create more havoc.

Franco shocks Liz and Drew

Before he was injected with Drew’s memories, Franco told Cameron to tell Liz that he would come back to them. This may have been a hint that some miracle would occur to restore him to normal. Since waking up, however, Scott's son can only recall the implanted memories. On Wednesday, Franco left his room am saw Kim at the "General Hospital" nurse's station. He went over to her and engaged her in a kiss. A shocked Liz was standing nearby watching her husband in a lip lock with another woman.

Liz and Drew had earlier shown Franco his drivers license, his wedding ring and photos of Cameron and his brothers.

He yelled at them and stomped out in anger. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that on Thursday, Kim will be brought up to speed as to why she was being kissed by Elizabeth's spouse. No quick fix was available for Drew so he opted not to have his memories prior to 2012 reinserted. "General Hospital" will now have to come up with a way to help Franco or he will be lost to Liz and the boys forever.

Kim’s plans don’t include Julian

Soap Dirt rumors indicate that recent events involving Julian have viewers wondering if William DeVry is leaving "General Hospital." Mr. Jerome volunteered to exit Port Charles with Kim and has put Charlie’s Pub on the market. On Wednesday, however, Kim told Lucas she did not want to take his father away from his family.

Doctor Jones later relayed to his dad that Dr. Nero is planning to leave town without him.

If Kim falls for Franco’s version of Drew she may decide to remain in Port Charles and pursue a relationship with him. She might even decide that Mr. Baldwin could Father the child she wants to replace Drew. Stay tuned to “General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Be on the lookout for rumors to update the situation with Franco, Liz, Julian, and Kim. Will Franco, (with Andrew Cane's memories) and Kim ride off into the sunset or will Liz find a way to save her family unit? Be sure not to miss any upcoming episodes and find out.