"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans recently saw Laura acting all Ms. Militant on women's rights in a Muslim country. That came with her stance on Aladin's allegedly dismal 'jiggy jig' performance and her toys. We also saw her posing a clenched hand for the rights of women not to be told what they can wear. So, fans thought she really failed to understand the culture of Tunisia and Qatar before she rushed into marriage with Aladin. Now, surprise! It seems she flipped 180 degrees on her cultural stance. Has someone in the TLC franchise finally heard the penny drop?

Laura resisted Aladin's culture in '90 Day Fiance'

TLC fans saw a huge difference in Laura recently. What a difference three weeks made for her to reverse her stance on things cultural. Recall that ten days into August we saw her trying to change cultural attitudes in the Middle-East. Firstly, we saw her very reluctant about Aladin requesting she dresses as other people do - at least in public. Plus, she freaked over Aladin's relative telling her he could have up to four wives.

But, the incident that fans of the "90 Day Fiance" show suspect caused a split was yet to come. In that episode, she complained to the whole world on television that in the 'jiggy jig' department Aladin failed. She introduced him to some intimate toys and he nearly flipped.

After all, he found it disrespectful to a man that she felt she needed those toys. Okay, so combine all of that, and we saw some strongly worded posts from Laura on her Instagram.

Strongly pro cultural change - Ms. Militant Laura on Instagram

Taking a rather strong attitude for someone not well-versed in the cultural aspects of Tunisia and other Arab countries, she shared her thoughts on social media.

One of those showed her in a sort of "strong-arm" poster. Much like the old World War II propaganda leaflets, she displayed her might and readiness to fight. She captioned it with "We Can Do It,” and “I have a voice and won’t be silenced for anybody or anything."

In yet another post, the "90 Day Fiance" star wrote, "Maybe their culture NEEDS to be challenged so women don’t have to share their husband with three other women." Well, that lost Laura a few fans.

After all, many fans just can't get their heads around Americans who move to other countries and try and change the culture. Or, they make no effort to adapt to the cultures. We saw this recently in the shocking scene with Rebecca Parrot in "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days."

Stars of '90 Day Fiance' who simply won't adjust and respect culture

In Rebecca's instance, her refusing to dress modestly and taking off her jacket in a club nearly landed up in a huge fight. TV Shows Ace noted, "The other women and men in the club grew obviously embarrassed. Zied looked like he wanted to disappear through the floorboards. Then another Tunisian man started staring at Rebecca’s tattoos and Zied got enraged." Plus, on her IG Rebecca noted we may see more of that sort of cultural miscalculation.

So it's rather refreshing now, to see "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's" Laura might have heard the penny drop. It really seems about time that someone caught a little bit of a learning curve. In the most recent episode of the show, we saw a complete reversal by Laura that raised a few eyebrows among fans of the show. So, just maybe the rumored divorce by Aladin might not come to fruition, after all.

180 degree spin on cultural divides in foreign countries

In the episode, we saw Aladin and Laura travel to Tunisia for their wedding ceremony. Already married, they need to make it official with an expensive reception. They ended up at Aladin's place with his mom and dad. It seemed a bit of a somber occasion as they all recalled the death of Aladin's sister.

Come bed-time, everyone was ready for bed. However, Laura hinted a bit of 'jiggy jig' might not go amiss. But that opportunity disappeared out the window when Aladin's mom moved into the bedroom to sleep on the floor.

Aladin explained that in their culture, a woman and a man could not sleep alone together in the same room before their wedding. Those "90 Day Fiance" fans expecting yet another outburst about local cultural restrictions mostly got a shock. Actually, Laura just said, "But this is their culture so I've just got to roll with it." That made some fans applaud her. As @talker_of_shits_ said, "So sick of hearing “bUt iN aMeRiCa” ‍♀️ thank you for understanding this, Laura!!!!!"

What did you think about Laura flipping 180 degrees on respecting Aladin's culture?

Did that surprise you? After all, it was just a short while ago we saw Ms. Militant on women's rights and 'jiggy jig' toys. But now we see a complete reverse of attitude.

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