Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors indicate that this Tuesday's episode will be eventful on "The Young and the Restless." Kyle and Lola will return to their apartment, after their honeymoon, and each has a surprise for the other. Later, Summer will confide in her ex-husband that she knows the truth about Zoe but will keep the secret. Kyle responds saying that he will not tell Lola because he does not want to hurt her. Summer will warn him that his new wife may find out another way and it will cause problems. Mariah and Theo will give the impression they are new BFF's but Mr.

Vanderway will confide in Summer that he has Ms. Copeland where he wants her and she will say the same of him to Tessa. It looks like Tuesday's episode will be full of mind games.

Summer warns Kyle but he does not listen

Celeb Dirty Laundry is giving a recap a day in advance of Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless." Kola returns home and Lola is elated that Kyle secretly upgraded their apartment while they were on their honeymoon. Mrs. Abbott will later surprise her spouse with a baseball marathon complete with goodies to eat. In between these two events, Kyle gets reminders that he is keeping a secret from his new bride. First, he runs into Summer who admits she knows what happened in New York.

She assures him she would never tell Lola, but says he should before she finds out another way.

Kyle says he cannot hurt his wife like that but, before he gets home, he sees Theo on the phone talking to Zoe. Kyle will tell his former friend to stop playing games so, clearly, what happened with Ms. Hardaway still haunts him.

Even though Summer may keep her promise, there are other ways for Lola to find out her marriage has started off based on lies. Theo could slip and tell Phyllis who would love to hurt Kyle because of how he treated her daughter. Mr. Vanderway or Zoe herself may decide to come clean to Lola down the road. There is a reason why"Y&R" is dragging this secret out and eventually, Lola probably will be hurt by it.

Zoe may still be a problem

CDL says that Summer and Tessa will see Mariah and Theo drinking together and each of them will feel a twinge of jealousy. It's only business and later Mr. Vanderway and Ms. Copeland tell their respective partners that they each have the other just where they want them. Earlier "Y&R" rumors suggested that Summer might be jealous because Theo was going to hook up with Phyllis but Soap Opera Spy indicates that right now Ms. Summers is hanging out with Adam and trying to destroy the Newmans.

The fact that Theo is talking to Zoe on the phone and Summer mentioned her to Kyle is a red flag. It's obvious that at some point down the road Lola will find out and her marriage will be in trouble.

The "Y&R" writers obviously want to give the Kola fans a little bit of joy, before all hell breaks loose. Down the line, it could even be Kyle who spills the secret. He could become so guilty that he feels he has no choice except to tell all to his wife. No matter who breaks the news, Lola's heart will be broken and the marriage probably will be over.