'GH' tension mounts Tuesday as various Port Charles residents find themselves with evil thoughts, rumors indicate. Liesl is enraged that Franco believes he is Drew Cane and her patience wears thin. She becomes so infuriated that she slaps "Dranco" in the face. Detective Chase shows up at Sonny's front door asking questions about a missing warehouse employee. It's the same man who tried to frame Dev for stealing. Sonny becomes concerned and ponders if his "cousin" may have committed murder. Nina becomes so enraged that Sasha injected Nina with the bird flu that she tells Valentin she could kill Ms.


Dev is suspected of murder

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting some intriguing previews for Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital." Sonny considers that Devlin may have murdered the warehouse employee who tried to frame him for stealing. Dev has been impetuous since coming to Port Charles and had a hard time adjusting to western life but killing someone may be a stretch. Jason was supposed to make sure the employee left town so CDL suggests that it could all be a simple misunderstanding and the Turkish teen could be innocent.

Detective Harrison Chase has questions for Sonny and he will not stop until he gets answers. Hopefully, Jason will simply have sent the employee packing on a plane or train and cousin Devlin will not be incriminated.

The young man from Turkey does want to please Sonny and one day be a part of his organization, but the promo showing the teen asking if he did something wrong may not indicate that he decided to take life to impress his benefactor.

Liesel is outraged, Nina wants Cassandra to die

Tuesday on "GH" Liesel will be horrified that her good friend Franco does not remember her and she will think she can force him to recall his life.

CDL says Obrecht will yell at "Dranco" to just snap out of it and slap him in the face, She may be as shocked and hurt by what has happened just as much as Elizabeth and her boys. Liesl Obrecht will probably leave no stone unturned until she can assist in finding a way to bring back her good friend. This may take her mind off of her own woes with Jax, Hayden, Nina, and Valentin.

On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," Cassandra sent Nina a text with the photo she took with Michael and Sasha. CDL says on Tuesday she will be so angry that Ms. Pierce poisoned her daughter, she will tell Valentin she wants to kill her but he says he will handle it. Soap Dirt suggests that Sasha may be near death and feel guilty and come clean about not being Nina's real daughter. Be sure not to miss Tuesday's episode because if the rumors are correct it will be must-see TV. Tune in at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.