'90 Day Fiance: The Other way" fans know that Deavan and Jihoon's baby boy arrived by C-Section. Deavan opted not to share photos of little Taeyang Scuti until after fans saw the birth. On her Instagram, she said that they made the choice, not TLC. Now more photos emerge and fans love the little guy. On Sunday night, Deavan teased a short clip of Taeyang, promising fans they can follow his story on YouTube.

Jihoon and Deavan share their '90 Day Fiance' love story a bit more on YouTube

Deavan and Jihoon quite often create beautiful videos of their life together in Korea.

It's obvious the couple try and make quality videos for their fans. While they don't post loads of them up, they really turn out quite nicely. Actually, they bring a show and tell without narration. So far, the channel's posted seven short videos of their "90 Day Fiance" life.

To date, Deavan's daughter Drascilla features in a few of them, but little is seen of Taeyang. Actually, TLC showed us a rather rambunctious little girl in Drascilla, but she seems way more settled these days. We see her at the park playing with Jihoon and visiting a zoo where she's just a normal little girl having fun. We catch a glimpse of her little brother Taeyang in the distance, but we can expect to see much more of him.

Taeyang tease on Instagram by Deavan

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday night, Deavan posted up a short video of Taeyang. The "90 Day Fiance" star captioned it with, "Taeyang birth story coming soon get to know Taeyang Scuti . Video coming soon make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Junnyvanny for the video." In the short little clip to advertise her upcoming YouTube video, we see little Taeyang at such an adorable age.

As one fan, @_dell.taco_belle noted, "He is at that stage where they get so excited and have no control of their movements. So so cute!" Big beaming baby's sure got a lovely smile as well. In fact, as he grows we see a delightful mix of his mum and dad in the little boy. TLC fans can't get enough of this kid. Much like fellow co-stars Ronald and Tiffany's baby girl, the new addition's universally loved.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance' get excited about more to come from Deavan

Back in July, TV Shows Ace noted that their YouTube account got around 5,000 views and accumulated just over 300 subscribers." They also wrote, "Deavan managed to rack up close to 30k Instagram followers, so probably many of them will also subscribe." It looks like their prediction came true, as ahead of releasing the videos about Taeyang, she's now accumulated over 1.6k subscribers.

No doubt the promise of baby vids will bring more "90 Day Fiance" fans across. As Instagramer @sarahlightstar said, "Oh my goodness; if he wants a subscriber on YouTube from me, he’s earned it."

What do you think about Deavan teasing YouTube videos where fans can follow the life of baby Taeyang? Are you looking forward to watching the gorgeous little boy grow?

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