Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, and Spider-Man star, Tom Holland discussed the sudden Sony-Marvel divorce, which will see Spider-Man no longer playing a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The news was announced during disney's Annual "D23" Convention.

Holland spoke to Entertainment Weekly, saying that he's enjoyed spending five years playing the web-slinger across five films. He says that while the future is unclear, he will continue to play Spider-Man however they choose to do it. The future of Spider-Man will be very different, but he has promised to find new ways to make it even better.

Kevin Feige saw the departure of Spider-Man coming

Feige said he was grateful and happy about Spider-Man. Marvel Studios was able to make five films within the MCU featuring Spider-Man and two solo films and three with the Avengers. Feige said he never thought this opportunity would have happened. "It was not meant to last forever," Feige said, indicating that they knew the time with Spider-Man was short and were able to tell the story they wanted to tell.

Disney star Jon Favreau also spoke out about the loss of Spider-Man. While fans are airing their worries and concerns, Favreau has said that it's still early and shares some optimism, that something could come together. Favreau says that he knows fans want to see Spider-Man and those characters together.

It's still the early days, so it's possible that an agreement could be reached. Movie Web says that Disney wanted more money to keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Sony didn't want to make a deal. Sony has said that Kevin Feige does not have the time to fairly devote to the franchise.

Disney Spider-Man deal was about splitting financing costs evenly

In the original deal, Sony allowed Marvel Studios to pair Spider-Man with the cinematic universe and fund 100% of the production costs. In return, Disney received 5 percent of the ticket sales from the first day of the release and retained merchandising rights for the character.

Sony received the rest of the box office earnings. CNBC reports that Disney proposed a 50/50 co-financing agreement, meaning each side would put half the production costs and then split the profits. Sony originally refused.

CNBC has said that Sony is playing hardball right now, and they are trying to get Disney to offer a fair deal for the webslinger. 50/50 split would be fair for a character such as Howard the Duck, but not the popular web-slinger. Spider-Man has been a fan-favorite character and his debut in the MCU was a boost for both studios. The deal would allow the character to appear in other Marvel films. A new take on Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland was just the right move for Marvel. Fans are now wondering how Marvel/Disney will move forward without Spider-Man.