When William Devry returned to "General Hospital" in October 2016, Julexis fans expected a steamy reunion between Julian and Alexis. Now almost three years later there has only been one love scene and it was a dream. "Charlie" and Kim were cute together in the beginning but Oscar's sickness and death, Dr. Nero's obsession with having another baby, and now Franco believing he is Andrew Cane has short-circuited the little bit of passion that "Jim" possessed. Now rumor has it that Julian will soon feel betrayed and he may turn to his former wife to get him through this rough spot.

The burning love between Sam's parents needs to heat up the screen once more.

Julian and Kim are coming apart at the seams

When Dr. Nero first began hanging out with the former mob boss and referring to him as Charlie, it was sweet. Unfortunately, some of what made William Devy's character so irresistible was lost. "General Hospital" viewers may not even have noticed until Alexis had her steamy dream. The Julexis chemistry is undeniable and that one scene had many fans wanting more. Instead of Ms. David coming between the couple it turned out to be the problems that plagued Kim.

There have been rumors during these past few years that a grand reunion of Sam's parents was coming, but so far it has not.

The once strong and powerful Julian Jerome, who tried to rule Port Charles is being lost in the ongoing issues that surround Dr. Nero. In the beginning, she was not sure if she wanted a relationship, or to be friends with benefits. Then came Oscar's brain tumor and subsequent death. "General Hospital" threw Kim and her baby daddy together in such a way that it seemed inevitable they would reconnect.

Meanwhile, Julian took a step back and remained on the sidelines. Soap Opera Spy rumors say soon Julian will feel betrayed.

Kim may push Julian towards Alexis

According to Soap Dirt rumors for "GH", Kim is going to propose to someone, but there is no mention of who. She could decide she wants to marry Julian, or her mixed emotions and fragile mental state may take her in a totally different direction.

Franco, AKA Dranco and Drankestein believe he is Andrew Cane and has been wooing Dr. Nero by reminding her of the love she shared with her son's father. She may accept his offer to reunite and decide to marry this new version of Andrew Cane.

If Dr. Kim continues in this direction, she will surely push Julain away. Alexis is having her own romantic crisis because of her feelings for her therapist. She is trying hard to remain platonic where her ex-husband is concerned and last week Ms. David, Julian, and Olivia all sat down together as friends.

Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out if Julexis will eventually get back together.