"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" showed Jihoon and Deavan's little boy arrive. Named Taeyang Scuti Lee, the little fellow looks so much like his dad. Previously, we never saw photos of him. Heavy.com noted, "during a July Instagram Q&A [Deavan] and Jihoon chose to keep details about their son from the media on their own accord, and not because they were contractually obligated by TLC." Now, the baby's finally revealed, fans react on social media.

Fans of '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' wondered if the baby was Jihoon's

Many skeptical fans questioned the baby's paternity since the beginning of the show.

Fans know from the TLC series, that Deavan and Jihoon met and the attraction all got a bit too much on the first night. Bang! Yep, the baby happened and she claimed she could test for pregnancy and pinpoint the exact night it happened. So, Jihoon arrived single and went away a dad. But, since then, Deavan moved to South Korea and they raise their son and her daughter from another relationship there.

Well, for those skeptics who thought Jihoon could not be the dad of the baby, it's quite clear he's the spitting image of his dad. Actually, this storyline became a popular one on the "90 Day Fiance" show. Jihoon's mom and dad were so nice about this cross-cultural situation. They accepted Deavan into their family and made her welcome.

The sad part about the story is that she needed an urgent early birth. We saw her speaking to Jihoon on vid conference about it. Suffering extremely dangerous high blood pressure, she needed urgent attention. But Jihoon could not get there. That's because international travel's expensive and he could not afford to cancel and change his already booked flight.

In fact, Jihoon witnessed birth via a video conference call.

Fans react to new baby pics and the birth on '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way'

When Jihoon sat down to watch the C-section with his parents, that was moving. When Jihoon cried as the baby was delivered, many fans cried along with him. Over on Instagram, so many of them admitted to that.

We saw that episode of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way," and, finally, Deavan and Jihoon shared photos this week. Here's what some fans said about it:

  • @kelseykay6787: "Literally just cried watching the delivery. You two are by far my fav couple ever. He’s beautiful."
  • @janigonebanan: "I bawled my eyes out when Jihoon said he will feel guilt until he dies about not being there. Many blessings to you guys."
  • @paula9888888: "Such an adorable baby! Omg, he is such a precious baby Watching this episode right now. Congrats you two!! May all of you be happy and healthy."
  • @goldenbrown27: "Omg!! He is beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing that moment with us. You were so brave. Poor Jihoon was anxious but the joy in his face was heartwarming."
  • @dani_lynn1011: "I’m not much into babies but I literally just cried seeing your little boy when they first showed him. He is so adorable!!"

Of course, many other comments flooded Deavan's Instagram from happy "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans.

Meanwhile, over on the "@90dayfiancenews" account, many fans agreed that just one look told them Jihoon need never worry about not being the father of his adorable son. He certainly looks like a mini-me.

What do you think of Jihoon and Deavan's little baby? Are you happy to see they finally released some pictures that revealed their cute little baby boy?

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