'90 Day Fiance' fans wonder about Avery Mills who met her man Omar in Lebanon. While fans wonder if she ever went to Syria, they don't all want to read spoilers. Spoiler alert. Do not read beyond this point if you don't want to know where she is. Over on her IG, Avery ran some adverts for her new upcoming clothing store. In those posts, she dropped a huge hint that she's actually still in Lebanon and not in Syria.

Avery Mills and Omar grabbed the attention of many '90 Day Fiance' fans

Omar and Avery originally picked up quite a lot of haters as she converted to the Muslim faith at a young age.

Not only that, but she met and fell in love with Omar via a Muslim dating site. On that site, Omar indicated he lived in the USA. Finding out he actually lived in Syria never made her pause though, And, that's where fans think their relationship started out on a lie. Fans felt it boded only too well for disaster.

Avery's plan to meet Omar, marry him and go and live in Syria got her family and fans freaked out. On the "90 Day Fiance" show, we saw her mom and Avery arrive in Lebanon. There, all excited to see him, Avery got over her delayed luggage and the fact she never showered. She ran into his arms, and he gave her some flowers. And, it seems that most fans of the TLC franchise like Omar a lot.

He seems very nice, has a charming smile, and a good career in dentistry. But, the big question awaits an answer. Are they in Syria or not?

Fan of the '90 Day' show ask - are Avery and Omar in Syria or Lebanon?

Romper put it in a nutshell for us. They wrote, "On the show, Avery revealed she plans to marry Omar and move to his home country of Syria.

Knowing it’s a war-torn country, viewers are concerned for her safety, and many are wondering where Avery lives now." They also noted that on her social media, she never talks about Syria these days. But, she does talk about enjoying Lebanon when she met Omar.

Lebanon's a safer country than Syria, and "90 Day Fiance" fans enjoy seeing a bit of it that doesn't feature on mainstream news headlines.

We don't know if Avery and Omar plan to relocate back to Syria. But for the time being, it looks like she's still in Lebanon in real life. Bear in mind, the show airs behind realtime events. Now, it looks like Avery inadvertently hinted that they remain in Lebanon, at least for now.

Avery of '90 Day Fiance' drops hint about Lebanon in IG advert

On her Instagram Stories Monday night US time, Avery shared about a new online store she and Omar hope to start up in "about a months time." From her various posts in the IG story, it emerges that the online store brings Middle Eastern fashion for fans. At this time, mostly for women, but she'll look into male apparel as well. Many people gave the "90 Day Fiance" star ideas on what they'd' like to see for sale.

Lots of them expressed interest in prayer mats, hijabs, and jewelry. Plus others seemed rather keen on scarves, home decor, and art. But one particular request came with an interesting answer that hints at them being in Lebanon. One fan said they'd "buy hand made soap." The hint came in Avery's answer. She replied, "That's actually good." She added, "Lebanon has amazing olive oil soaps."

Now, the fact that Lebanon's got "amazing olive oil soaps," doesn't mean she's not in Syria. But, it's unlikely she import olive oil soap from Lebanon into Syria.

If she's actually in Syria, it's more likely she'd say that 'olive oil soap's available in Syria,' after all. What do you think? Do you think her advert for her online store's a major hint Avery Mills and Omar remain in Lebanon at this time?

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