Christian's custody trial is coming up soon on "The Young and the Restless" and some familiar faces will return to Genoa City. Rumors from Soap Dirt indicate that Lauren Woodland will reprise her role as Brittany and represent Nick because Adam is blackmailing Michael. Billy, Lauren, and Victor have all sought answers from the former DA but he is not letting anyone in on his business. The spoiler also reports that Joseph Phillips will be back as Judge Sanders who, during his first time around, chastised both Nicholas and his sibling. The Judge was so disgusted with their behavior, he gave Victoria temporary charge of her nephew.

Now his honor will be choosing who will have full legal rights to the little boy.

Christian's future is in judge Sanders hands

Joseph Phillips character showed himself to be a no-nonsense judge and refused to allow Nick and Adam to bicker like children. They were shocked when he asked Victoria to take charge of Christian but neither man has mended his ways since that time. Adam took it upon himself to tell the boy that he is his biological father which so angered Nick that he punched him. The prodigal Newman thought this would make his brother seem volatile and sway the judge, but the tables were turned.

What Adam believed might go in his favor, could now be used against him in court. He thought he would prove Nicholas to be a hothead but now his father has been able to obtain a restraining order baring Christian's biological father from having any contact with him.

The Newman patriarch hopes this will cause judge Sanders to allow his grandson to return to the home he shared with Nick. Even so, when Lauren Woodland returns as Brittany, she may not be a match for Michael who is embracing his dark side. Judge Sanders could still give Adam custody of his son.

Adam and Michael will fight dirty for Christian

Rumors from Soap Opera Spy indicate that Adam will propose to Sharon, hoping that having a wife will help him win custody of Christian. Unfortunately for the Newman bad boy, he will be turned down. Spoilers don't say what his next move will be, but he practically demanded that Michael fix the situation with the restraining order.

Mr. Baldwin is not above fighting dirty so Brittany may have to change her tactics in order to help Nick. "Y&R" rumors have not revealed how the custody hearing will turn out so it could go either way.

It's possible that Michael has a plan to take Adam down and throw the case so Nick gets Christian. Not even Kevin is fully aware of what his brother is truly up to. "Y&R" spoilers have given no teasers or rumors regarding who will win custody of Christian, so be on the lookout for updates as they become available. Tune in weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST to find out what happens next in Genoa City.