Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" promised fireworks during the Skola nuptials which never happened. They next teased that the wedding reception would be full of drama, but it was not. Theo sent Kyle a text saying his life was over, which could have been interpreted as Zoe busting up the happy couple. It now looks as though it simply meant that Kyle's single life was finished. Zoe came to the reception but said she held no grudges and left without Lola knowing what was going on. Adrian Rosales showed up and his son and estranged wife tried to make him leave.

Lola spoke to her dad but there was no shouting match. This calm might be just a lull before a big storm hits the happy couple.

Skola won't be blissful forever

"Y&R" viewers were led to believe that the Skola wedding may never take place. The couple said 'do' but what does their future hold? Theo Vanderway's days in Genoa City are probably numbered. He and Summer are simply friends with benefits and it's looking like he may cheat with Phyllis. Once he is out of the picture, there currently is no man for Summer to fall for. It's possible she will throw herself into her work, but she is her mother's daughter. As time goes buy Summer may revert to her old ways and try to come between Kyle and Lola.

It's also possible that Kyle may become bored with domestic life. He may consider what Theo has said, or he could recall the fun he had with his former wife. At the present time, "The Young and the Restless" seems to have decided to allow Skola to enjoy wedded bliss which should excite their fans. Lola could become pregnant and their life is happy for a season.

Rumors have not been very accurate where this couple is concerned because prior to the engagement, rumors suggested that Summer, Lola or both of them could be pregnant and it did not happen.

'Y&R' previews for the next few weeks

Soaps She Knows indicates that during their tropical honeymoon, Kyle misses another opportunity to come clean with his new wife.

Lola will be thinking that Theo brought Zoe to town to make Summer jealous. She has no idea what happened in New York, so it's possible this secret could come out later and ruin the marriage. The "Y&R" rumors indicate hat Summer will find out that Zoe holds no grudges, but she will also realize Kyle is keeping a secret from his new bride. It's probably only a matter of time before the new Mrs. Abbott finds out from Summer, or someone else.

Soap Dirt indicates that there will be a lot of activity on "The Young and the Restless" during the next two weeks. Paul and Ashley will be active in Genoa City and the entire Rosales family (minus Mia) will be around for a while. Brittany Hodges returns to represent Nick in the custody case and Judge Sanders will be presiding once again. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and be prepared for trouble in paradise at some point down the road.