Rumors for “The Bold and the Beautiful” indicate that Friday is the day for the showdown at the cliff house. Hope will go there to get clothing for her daughter and Thomas will show up. He will try his best to get her to go away with him but she refuses. It's not known how they find out but Ridge and Brooke will end up at the cliff house and ask Thomas to let Hope go. Rumors don't say how it happens but there is an altercation and Roge's son ends up in the hospital. The suggestion is that Brooke tries to stop him from taking her daughter away and he falls or is pushed off the cliff.

He will end up in the hospital in a coma as everyone watches and waits to see what happens next.

Hope sets things in motion for Thomas to come unglued

Liam and Hope are ecstatic to have their daughter back and enjoying every moment together with her. Nothing has been said officially but they are living together as a family. On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Douglas was with his grandfather and Brooke and later spent time with Amelia the nanny, who obviously has no clue what is going on. The nanny got a call from Thomas who told her how much he missed his son and said he really wanted to see him.

Amelia took Douglas to his father and left him there. When she was gone Thomas berated the child for telling the truth about Beth.

He yelled at his son and blamed him for Hope getting an annulment. At the end of Thursday’s "B&B" episode, Douglas cowered as if expecting to be hit and coveted his head with his hands. At some point, Thomas will go to the cliff house and that is where he truly becomes unglued. Rumors don't say why he goes there but he probably calls Hope again and finds out that is her location.B

'B&B' gives few details about the tragedy

Most of what will take place on Friday is suggested by rumors as "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been secretive with details.

During the past two weeks, there have been rumors that Thomas might jump off the cliff, or be pushed by Liam. CDL and Soap Opera Spy say that it will be Ridge and Brooke who show up at the cliff house as Thomas is threatening Hope. Thomas will later be int he hospital in a coma so it's likely he goes over the cliff and rumors suggest that Brooke may push him.

Rumors don't say, but Douglas will more than likely be there with his father and witness the tragic events that unfold. Thomas could lose his footing and fall, or be attempting murder-suicide and trying to take Hope and or Douglas along with him. This may be why Brooke intervenes. Be sure you don't miss Friday's exciting episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" which will no doubt be a real cliffhanger. This situation will surely divide the Logans and Forresters and could end Ridge and Brooke's marriage.