"The Young and the Restless" has allowed viewers to expect Cane to let Traci down gently. After all, it’s Ms. Abbott who has been fantasizing about Lily’s ex. Rumors suggested that the exact opposite would happen and it did. Cane was the one whose expectations were crushed. Divorced from Lily and with the twins away in college, Mr. Ashby believes he can tackle the Big Apple with Traci by his side. She, however, was not seeking a relationship with a much younger man who has a small child to care for.

'Y&R' gives fans unexpected twist

Those who watch “The Young and the Restless” have been divided regarding the direction Cane and Traci’s friendship was headed.

Some viewers thought the age difference was a problem and others thought Lily being Coleen’s friend was an issue. Others were rooting for a Trane connection. Many who watch the CBS daytime drama thought and. Abbott was headed for heartbreak and Cane would let her down easy. Now, what Celeb Dirty Laundry revealed as a twist became a reality and no one saw it coming. Lily’s ex got his hopes up, made rash decisions and wasbhurt.

Cane became caught up in the New York atmosphere and decided he wanted a life with Traci in the Big Apple. His marriage is over, the teens are out of the home and he has helpers for Sam. On Thursday Cane agreed to sell his home to Nate which confirmed "Y&R" rumors that he will do what he always does and make several rash impetuous decisions.

Cane decides to move to New York, assuming Traci will choose to be by his side but he was disappointed.

'Y&R' flips the script on Trane

“Y&R" viewers witnessed Traci giving Cane the old heave hoe, but she let him down gently. It turns out, Ms. Abbott woke up from her fantasies so those who thought she would be seeking love with a younger man were wrong.

Traci has no intention of becoming involved with a much younger man and she made it clear that she and Cane will always be good friends. He agreed and things went no further. Some may wonder if this was the intention all along or if the writers caved to viewer pressure.

"The Young and the Restless" never allow Cane he responsible for but so long.

Something always happens that causes him to implode. His good intentions always seem to go in unintended directions and he ends up being the one left picking up the pieces. Lily had forgiven him and promised to be a mother to Sam, then had an abrupt about-face. Soap Dirt rumors indicate that a lot of Abbott/Newman drama will be happening during the next two weeks in Genoa City. Devon asks Elena to move in and Nate and Abby get closer. It’s not sure where Cane fits into the big picture so stay tuned. The Genoa City action takes place each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.