"The Young and the Restless" continues to place focus on families as head writer Josh Griffith said they would. This week Michael and Kevin will be working closely together. Gloria’s sons will come up with a plan they believe will stop Adam from destroying any more lives. Victor’s namesake is blackmailing Kevin and attempting to do the same for Michael. The former DA did not take kindly to threats and does not like his younger sibling being jerked around. Rumors don’t indicate what elaborate scheme the brothers will come up with but it’s probably pretty good.

Fans will enjoy watching Michael doing something in Genoa City besides giving out legal advice.

'Y&R' increases airtime for Michael and Kevin

Greg Rikaart who portrays Kevin was abruptly fired last summer and Christian LeBlanc who plays Michael was noticeably absent from the screen for quite a while. Some viewers thought LeBlanc had been let go as well. Prior to his disappearance, the former DA was basically only seen dispensing legal advice. "The Young and the Restless" rehired Rikaart and increased LeBlanc’s screen time. Both brothers are now involved in the same major storyline. Rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that the half-siblings are trying to find a way to stop Adam’s reign of terror.

This should be interesting because Adam seems to know when Kevin is not being loyal and can back him into a corner and make him talk. Perhaps with his brother’s support, the "Chipmunk” will be able to pull off whatever plan they are devising in Genoa City. Both Michael and his younger sibling are appalled that Victor’s namesake is resorting to dirty tricks in order to obtain custody of Christian.

Kevin hates Adam because he is responsible for Delilah’s death as well as Chloe’s emotional breakdown. 'Y&R' viewers will enjoy this new storyline featuring Gloria's sons versus the prodigal Newman.

'Y&R' may allow Kevin to triumph over Adam

"Y&R" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry say Victor’s mental capacity will continue to decline because of the experimental treatment he is taking for his medical disorder.

He has told immediate family but is trying to keep the news from his youngest son, but eventually, Adam will find out. His disappointment at being kept out of the Newman loop along with Chelsea issues could distract him. It’s possible this may give Michael and Kevin an edge and they may win victory over the bad boy.

Kevin is supposed to find info that will help Adam gain custody of Christian, and Michael was asked to become the prodigal Newman’s lawyer. The brothers probably are planning something related to these demands that will take Adam down.