"Days Of Our Lives" episodes will be tinged with mystery. According to the latest rumors of Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Vivian could return to Salem, breaking the delicate balance and upsetting the lives of many characters. It seems that Robin Strasser will join the cast of "DOOL" in the autumn months and it is she who will play the role of a 'renewed' Vivian. The woman will play a central role in the relationship between Stefan and Gabi. Vivian, being very apprehensive about her son, will suspect that Gabi is not entirely sincere and will warn Stefan.

However, it cannot be ruled out that Gabi may actually fall in love with Vivian's son, complicating the situation even more. In addition, one wonders how Kate will react when Vivian is in front of her, whom she shot on purpose.

Mysterious returns from beyond the grave

It's nothing new that in soap operas characters believed to be dead and buried reappear. Without a doubt, it's one of the scenic expedients that most involve fans. It seems that the viewers of "Days of Our Lives" are about to witness a sensational twist. Is Vivian coming back to Salem? Probably yes and, if this is confirmed, it will be seen in the autumn months. As we know, Kate shot Vivian on purpose. There were never any certainties about her death, so much so that rumors began to spread about an unexpected return.

According to the rumors, there is a possibility that actress Robin Strasser will remake Vivian. If she returned, she would face a particular moment of Stefan, in trouble with Gabi. How would you decide to behave towards Vivian Gabi? The woman has always shown an overprotective behavior on Stefan, often preventing him from living his life freely.

One wonders if Vivian approves her son's current choices. It seems that Gabi will not like Vivian and that conflicts arise between the two.

Vivian could be against Gabi

Viewers of "Days of Our Lives" know that Gabi is not really in love with Stefan. The girl aims to seduce him and convince him to marry her. Vivian, if she returns to Salem, will investigate this strange relationship and we have no doubt that she will do everything to warn her son.

We do not exclude the hypothesis that, over time, Gabi really falls in love with Stefan. Vivian, however, may arrive just in time to ruin the plans of the astute girl, who will thus find herself without a future. And let's not forget that Vivian should settle the matter with Kate.

Since Kate and Gabi are friends, we can imagine that Vivian has conflicts with Kate too. Without a doubt, Vivian's arrival in "Days of Our Lives" will upset Gabi and Stefan's life. We remember that there is still no official news about it, so to know the developments of this interesting storyline, we will have to wait for the next "Days of Our Lives" official spoilers.