"Vanderpump Rules' rumors arose that Dayna Kathan made it to the cast of the Bravo show. That emerged when Lala Kent shared an Instagram photo of Dayna, Lala and Ariana Madix at the poolside. Shortly after, Hollywood Life got the tea on it, and it looks like she definitely features. Other rumors came that they filmed Dayna's birthday for the show. Now, Dayna freaked as she got what she called the 'best gift' from actor Brett Kenyon. He surprised her with a rather different adoption certificate.

Brett Kenyon often hangs with the 'Vanderpump Rules' cast at Tom Tom and SUR

Brett described himself as a "Part-time actor, Full-time goofball" on his Instagram. Over there he's posted more than just a few pictures of him enjoying the Vanderpump restaurants in LA. James Kennedy's girlfriend Raquel Leviss and Dayna Kathan both follow him. Now, we learned from Hollywood Life that Dayna's actually worked on and off at SUR for some time, and she even featured in a short clip where Brittany went off at Jax for having "women in his room." That came when he stayed at the Mondrian during "Brittany‘s bachelorette party."

According to Hollywood Life, a source told them the upcoming season brings some tension between Dayna and Brittany.

They wrote, "She’s worked at SUR and been friends with the cast for a while now, but she doesn’t get along with Brittany or Jax so a lot of the drama will center around that, as she also is friendly with James [Kennedy, 27] and Raquel [Leviss, 24]. Her birthday party was filmed already, too.” So, it looks like the next season of "Vanderpump Rules" will deliver much drama, as always.

The birthday gift from Brett to Dayna Kathan

That means very likely, the birthday for Dayna got filmed as previously rumored. In fact, one photo that Dayna shared on Instagram a few days ago got fans speculating it was about the filming. Dayna captioned it with, "My day ones flew down to celebrate my birthday party, it was a f**king movie " On that post, "Vanderpump Rules" followers got a chance to talk about her on the show.

Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @lul**: "So you’re the new cast member. Hmmm. Will you get along with the vpr crew !?"
  • @who**: "So excited for you to be on vanderpump rules."
  • @hou**: "what’s your beef with Britney and Jax? About time someone stood up to them. Good luck on the show."
  • @hea**: "Anyone peep who's in the background? Looks like they are filming our new girls b-day party?!?! Looking forward to getting to know her!"

Of course, many followers also wished her a happy birthday. However, this Wednesday, Dayna posted about her best gift on her special day. It came from Brett Kenyon.

'Best Gift I've Ever Gotten' says Dayna

On her Instagram Stories, Dayna posted a clip and wrote on it, "H*ly F***king Sh*t." She added, "@brettken13, BEST GIFT I'VE EVER GOTTEN." The snap showed he gave her an adoption certificate, and not just any kind either.

It read, "Great White Shark Adoption: Standard." Plus the name on the certificate was "Dayna Kathan." The message on the certificate said, "Happy Birthday!" What better way to celebrate than by adopting a shark? Love, Brett Kenyon."

On the side of the picture, there's a photo of one of the real-deal Great Whites swimming in the ocean. Aww, that's a nice gift. And, Dayna seemed very taken with the concept of it. What do you think about the Adoption certificate as a gift for her? The fact she's so thrilled certainly sounds like Brett Kenyon picked something close to her heart!

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