"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers tease that this weekend there will be many twists and turns in Port Charles. Carly will receive the worst news of her life after an ultrasound scan. Support will be provided by Sonny and Jasper. Willow and Nina will meet to talk about their problems and, most likely, Willow will accept Nina's apology. Finally, a new psychic, Chelsea, will arrive in town with powers even stronger than Sibley. Ava, in search of answers and determined to fight against her inner demons, will ask the psychic for help. What dark truths will emerge?

'General Hospital': Nina desperate for her child

"General Hospital" spoilers of July 26 focus on Carly. In the ABC video promo, Carly is doing an ultrasound, but the doctor's look does not promise anything good. In previous spoilers, we informed you that Carly's baby suffered from spina bifida, a serious neonatal condition that causes several physical and mental disabilities. Unfortunately, it seems that the time has come when Sonny and Carly will receive the terrible news. After the ultrasound, Carly and Jasper will meet and Jack will try to offer her support.

Nelle Benson offers a hint about Jonah

In the weekly ABC video, you also see Nelle Benson particularly nervous inside the Pentonville Prison.

"Crazy Nelle" will meet Michael. He realized that Jonah Corinthos is alive. The suggestion, though veiled, will be very useful to Michael in the future. This storyline will continue in the week from July 29 to August 2. In addition, Elizabeth and Franco will talk about an important issue. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this could involve Cameron's support or, alternatively, the investigation of Liesl.

'GH' spoilers: Chelsea helps Ava get rid of her inner demons

Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that even Nina will have terrible news for someone. Will it be Valentin? Some rumors say that Nina will meet with Willow and will be willing to make their relationship go well. Willow, despite being very angry with Nina, could accept her apology.

After all, she's a sweet, forgiving girl. Finally, the spoilers of "General Hospital" say that Ava will work on her inner demons with the help of a new psychic. In this regard, we know that Ava could not get the answers she wanted with the help of Sibley. But another psychic with even stronger powers will arrive in the city. The character will be played by Jen Ray, who will join the cast of "GH." Chelsea, new the psychic, will break many balances within the soap. What secrets will be discovered? We just have to wait for the new "General Hospital" spoilers.